How to Prevent Heat Damage

When it comes to fantastic hair styling, there’s no denying it: A little heat can definitely help. And why not? Hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons are incredibly practical, and they allow you to have a completely new hairstyle in a matter of minutes. But you’d better keep a line of products for damaged hair handy because the effects of heating tools can be high .

Breakage, split ends, hair loss, and that dreaded dry-hair look are some of the problems caused by too much heat. In more serious cases, the damage is permanent, and the only fix is a short crop and long wait to regrow your hair. 

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    How heat damages your hair

    Hair dryers can damage your hair’s cuticle, which is the region of your hair where the layers are covered in keratin. This protein is essential for the health and beauty of your hair. Excessive or prolonged heat exposure damages the keratin proteins, leaving your hair cracked and brittle. 

    Flat irons and curling irons damage the cortex, which is responsible for the shape, color, flexibility, and strength of your hair. Likewise, when the heat’s too high or held for too long, your hair loses moisture and essential nutrients. Done repeatedly, the damage is irreversible.

    But don’t fret!

    It’s possible to keep your hair beautiful and healthy without tossing out your favorite hair dryer or curling iron. Just be sure to take special care before, during, and after using heat on it as well as invest in the right products.

    5 tips to keep the heat from frizzing out your hair

    1. Start at the root

    An oily or flaky scalp is often the result of frequent heat application without properly caring for your scalp. Yes, you need to pay attention to where it all starts.

    A healthy scalp is key to keeping your hair looking beautiful after using a dryer or flat iron. That’s why it’s essential to invest in products that help keep things clean and hydrated at the root.

    pre-shampoo scalp mask and custom shampoo from Prose works wonders. Sulfate-free, they provide an intense yet gentle treatment for your scalp, rebalancing and hydrating your hair’s roots. With formulas specific to your hair type, every kind of hair gets the attention it needs.

     2. Invest in the right products for damaged hair

    Heat-damaged hair doesn’t need to be an unsolvable issue. But you do need to remember to moisturize. Doing so helps keep cuticle layers closed, ensuring the shine, beauty, and strength of your hair. Choosing quality products for damaged hair is an important part of your hair care regimen. 

    Invest in good creams and oils matched to your hair’s unique needs. One option is a custom hair oil from Prose, which you can use to treat your hair before washing or as a finishing product for styling. Composed of natural and sustainable active ingredients, the oil locks in moisture and protects your hair’s natural beauty.

    3. Don’t face the heat without thermal protection

    Another product line from the Prose that helps keep hair healthy is custom natural supplements, which help soothe the scalp and stimulate hair growth*.

    4. Give your hair time to dry

    While waiting is tough when you’re crunched for time, it’s important to avoid using heat on your hair while it’s soaking wet. Giving your hair some time to dry naturally goes a long way toward preventing heat damage.

    This rule is extremely important: Do not use your flatiron or curling iron if your hair is still wet. Wait for it to dry fully. If you have extra thick or long hair, wrapping it in a cotton T-shirt helps speed up the drying process. 

    When you apply heat to damp hair, the moisture evaporates and expands into individual hairs, forming bubbles. The result is sponge-like, weak, and brittle hair that may only be fixed with a cutf. Even the best products for damaged hair won’t help.

    Use heating tools correctly

    Split ends, frizzing, or bubble hair sounds horrible, but for some, living without styling tools doesn’t sound very appealing either. Fortunately, following a few tips for using your tools can help avoid or minimize damage caused by excessive heat exposure.

    When using your blow dryer:

    And for flatirons and curling irons:

    Get rid of heat-damaged hair for good

    Nearly everyone has experienced heat-damaged hair at some point in their life. Fortunately, if you take the necessary steps, you’ll never have to look at frizz or split ends again.

    If you regularly reach for the curling iron, heat protectants and hair masks should be cornerstones of your hair care routine. Being mindful of your hair and avoiding heat treatments when it’s still damp help, too. And of course, using heat tools wisely by keeping the heat low goes a long way toward heat damage prevention.

    Just remember: Careful heat application is important for your hair, but you also need a consistent regimen in place to ensure maximum health and beauty. The best approach is to build a regimen tailored to your exact hair type. Go ahead and get started today. 

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