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5 Expert-Approved Ways to Increase Volume in Fine Strands

March 26, 2019

1 Min read

If you have fine or thin hair, you know that even a well-executed blow-dry (the kind that gets you bouncy, voluminous, shampoo-commercial-worthy results) has a limited lifespan. For most fine-haired women, all that bounce deflates within an hour or two of turning off the dryer. Luckily, there are effective strategies to elongate volume in fine hair. Here’s what the pros say can improve your fine hair’s volume and make it last.

Give roots a lift with hot rollers

An oldie, but still a goodie, “hot rollers are an effective, efficient way to revive a wilting blow-dry,” says Faith Huffnagle, Prose director of education and veteran stylist. “I’d use them the day after a blow-dry or, if you got a blowout in the morning and have an evening event to attend, toss a few in to refresh before you head out.” Huffnagle says the rollers “reactivate the memory of the blowout,” and the best way to use them is to divide the top half of your hair (from the ears up) into five sections, i.e. two on each side and one at the crown, then roll in five large rollers. Huffnagle says the larger the roller, the more volume you’ll get. Blast them with heat and leave them in for ten minutes (or until they cool), and then unroll and finger-fluff.

Sleep with your hair in a high pony

Hair prone to flatness only becomes more listless overnight as it’s smushed into a pillow. To prevent morning limp locks, Huffnagle suggests scraping the hair into a high ponytail, then securing it with something soft like a silk or satin scrunchie that won’t leave an indent. Pulling the hair up and off the scalp at night will help it stay that way during the day.

Use volume sprays prior to blow-drying

It sounds obvious, but styling products were invented for a reason: to help make your hair styling more successful and to ensure the result lasts longer. Huffnagle says a good volume spray directed at the roots will make it easier to manipulate the hair there while blow-drying and lifting your strands off the scalp.

Cheat with texturizing sprays and dry shampoos

These stylers are essentially spray-on powders that coat the hair and make them feel denser—with more guts. Applied at the roots, they will expand the diameter of your strands there, pushing them up and off the scalp, a result that can easily last for hours. Note, some texturizing sprays may cause buildup and force you to move up your wash day.

Pin the hair in place

One way to make a good blow-dry last is to utilize the heating-pinning-cooling method, suggests Huffnagle. “One common reason a blow-dry eventually falls flat is that we start touching and tousling our hair before our roots have totally cooled. All that tugging can drag the roots down before they’ve set,” she explains. A more effective plan: Once your hair is dry, use your round brush once more to pull the roots up and off the scalp, loop the hair over, like you are wrapping it around a big roller—and pin it to the scalp. Repeat this in five to six sections at the roots all over your head. Then allow the hair to completely cool, unwrap and gently tousle.


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