The 5 Top 2022 Spring Hairstyles Trends

Curves are in (always have been)—and yes, we’re talking about hair. After many seasons of long, middle-parted locks dominating our IG feeds, shorter, curvier cuts are the spring hairstyles everyone’s moving toward this year. Get ready to see these five spring hairstyles everywhere as the weather gets warmer. 

Table of Contents

    Bottleneck bangs


    Curtain bangs had a serious moment last year. They’re still around for spring 2022, but we’re sprucing them up with wispy bottleneck bangs in between. What are bottleneck bangs? They’re piece-y, eyebrow-grazing bangs framed by long side bangs. Think: Jane Birkin. This style of bangs works for any face shape but is particularly beautiful on round faces, because of how the longer side pieces hug the cheekbones. 

    The grow-out process is also more seamless and natural with bottleneck bangs than with regular bangs. You can do a middle part as the bangs grow out and they’ll blend in with the longer side pieces.

    French girl bob


    If you always flirted with the idea of getting an “Amelie” haircut and moving to Paris, now’s the time—maybe for Paris, definitely for the haircut. The cheekbone-length French girl bob has been picking up steam on TikTok, proving this trend has legs far beyond the City of Lights. Apart from the shorter length, signature elements of the French girl bob are short bangs, tousled texture, and light layering around the face and mid-lengths. 

    This is an excellent spring hairstyle if you want to start over with your color, go back to your natural shade, or unburden yourself from damaged lengths. Don’t be afraid to try this style if you have curly hair! We love a curly French girl bob.

    The short shag


    If the wolf cut is a little too bold for you, the short shag may be the ticket. There’s no other way to say this: A short shag is less mullet-y than a wolf cut. The shag is reminiscent of the ‘70s and ‘80s, when big hair was the only way to live. Ask your stylist for lots of layers from the crown down and a ton of texture and movement. 

    To keep the volume and thickness at the heart of this trend, go for a blunt cut on the ends that’s shoulder-length or shorter.

    The big chop


    There are so many ways to get a big chop. You can go for a close crop, a buzz cut, a pixie, or a big chop with a big color change. As the name implies, this is a major hairstyle change, so it’s important to find a stylist that understands your hair texture and exactly what you want. Bring inspiration photos to the salon and ask the stylist if they have photos of super short haircuts they’ve done on other clients. 

    If your big chop is part of a natural hair journey, talk to your stylist afterward about switching up your hair care and styling routine to include more hydration, or changing your wash day schedule, to nurture and support your new hairstyle.

    ‘90s layers


    This has to be one of our favorite spring hairstyles because it’s so easy to maintain and style. The classic face-framing ‘90s layers were popularized by many A-listers, including those with curly hair. 

    The key here is cascading front layers that start at the chin and go all the way down the lengths of the hair. For the most part, ‘90s layers are a dry-and-go style. To round them for that signature look, use a rolling brush and blow-dryer to define the layers in the front. Add a few bobby pins or colorful clips on one side for the full ‘90s effect.