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Make the Most of Your Seasonal Fall Strands

November 5, 2019

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Summer, with all of its warm, sunny splendor, can actually be truly hellish for your hair. Between the sticky humidity or the extra hot, dry air (depending on what climate you call home), your strands and styles can take a beating. So, as we usher in fall’s cooler, crisper temperatures, get ready for what could be your favorite hair season. There are a lot of reasons to love autumn—and there are a lot of ways to style, treat and pamper your hair all season long.

1. Banish flyaways

Though frizz may be at a minimum, given there’s less humidity, you may still battle with dry, dehydrated strands that are primed for flyaways. If your hair tends to be on the thick or curly side, fall is the season to lean into using leave-in conditioners to add extra moisture while you’re on the go. Still battling a bit of frizz? Add a hair serum or hair oil into the mix to smooth hair’s fragile outer cuticle layers. At Prose, our custom hair oil is packed with hair moisturizing and smoothing ingredients like shea oil, grape seed oil and pequi oil. Use hair oil before cleansing as a treatment, or after as a finishing hydrator.

For those with fine or straight hair, you can also benefit from a leave-in conditioner, but make sure yours is on the lighter side, as to not weigh down strands or make them look greasy. Keep slick roots at bay by sprinkling a dry shampoo on at night before bed, as it will help minimize an oily scalp.

2. Remove summer build up

Between chlorine, salt water and layering on styling products to minimize frizz and keep styles in place, your hair is carrying a heavy load of product build up into fall. Autumn is a great time to do a hair detox to remove all of that unwanted product and mineral build up that accumulated during the summer months. Removing all of the gunk allows your hair to breathe and react more appropriately to the new climate conditions. Plus, hair is healthier, shinier and less weighed down. Try using a clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo at least once a week.

3. Reduce friction

While summer means minimal, light-weight clothing, fall is the opposite. As we introduce jackets and sweaters back into our daily wardrobe, along with them come a host of hair issues. The friction caused between hair and clothing can tear strands and cause split ends or breakage—especially if hair is already dry and delicate. Instead of wearing your hair down on the daily, where’s it’s ripe for ripping and tearing, try pulling your hair half-back with a bejeweled barrette, or side sweep hair into a low ponytail and secure with a cool leather tie. You could also test out a messy, low bun. Keeping hair off of your shoulders also helps to prevent your strands from getting tangled with the shoulder straps of purses or heavy bags, which can lead to breakage.

4. Adjust your routine

As the season’s change, so do our hair and scalp needs. “Overall, our hair (and skin) require different nutrients and sometimes a different routine at the change of seasons,” says Faith Huffnagle, Prose Director of Education and veteran stylist. “For example, curly hair is fragile and can benefit from masking regularly to strengthen hair from splitting and breaking in dramatic weather conditions (like forced indoor heat, cool outdoor temperatures and wind).”

With straight hair, fall means less air-drying, so heat styling tool usage (from blow dryers, curling or flat irons) tends to go up, which means that adding a heat protectant product, or heat protecting ingredients into your routine becomes a must. At Prose, we incorporate heat protecting ingredients into our products like soy amino acids to prevent breakage or wheat amino acids to increase elasticity.



Protect your strands against all the curveballs that fall can throw their way. Get started with your Prose consultation here



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