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Hair Tips - How-To

How-to Detangle Your Hair the Right Way

Brushing and detangling our strands is something most of us do daily, but, are we damaging our hair in the process. Find out how to detangle the right way here.

Trending - Hair Gallery

No-Heat Hairstyles for Winter

Find inspiration for chic hairstyles that are all heat-free. Give your strands a much-deserved break and minimize damage with one of these styles.

Curly haired woman staring at her reflection in the mirror examining her hair while pulling on one of her strands
Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

15 Things About Hair You Probably Don’t Know

We spend a lot of time on our hair: washing it, styling it and coloring it. But how much do we really know about our tresses? Here, some startling strand statistics.

Hair Tips - How-To

The Reason Why You Get Static Hair and How to Get Rid of It

Have you noticed your hair lifts up in static almost every time Winter comes around? Here, find out why you’re getting static hair and how you can get rid of it.

The hands of a woman cutting someones hair with a comb in one had and scissors in the other
Hair Tips - Cut & Style

The Haircut Guide: Everything You Need to Know for the Perfect Cut

A complete guide on how to get the best haircut for your hair type, plus tips on maintaining your new style and how often to go for healthy hair.

Blonde woman standing out in the snow wearing a black hat, black coat, and red plaid scarf.
Hair Tips - How-To

The Most Common Winter Hair Problems and How to Combat Them

With cool air and dry indoor heating, the winter months can take a toll on our strands. You’re not alone in facing these winter hair problems. Learn how to combat them, here.

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Hair Tips - How-To

5 Tips for Getting Thicker Hair

If your goal is to have thicker strands, it’s not too far-fetched. With the right ingredients and extra TLC, you’ll naturally achieve thicker, fuller hair.

Brunette woman wearing a one piece bathing suit sitting on a rock. She is staring down pensive and has her hand on top of her head.
Lab Notes - Scalp Care

What’s causing your dandruff and how to find relief

Dandruff has a distinct way of stealing the show on an otherwise good hair day. Here, find out what dandruff really is and how you and your scalp can finally find relief.

A blonde woman wearing a bun has snow on her hair and is standing in the snow covered woods wearing a large black scarf covered in white snow
Hair Tips - How-To

Winter Hair Survival Guide

From static to split ends, our hair takes a toll during the winter months. Here, 6 quick tips and easy fixes to help your strands survive the chilly weather.

Blonde woman sitting on the curb wearing a stylish black leather jacket and green turtle neck sweater.
Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

The 5 lifestyle factors damaging your strands and tips on how to combat them

We can’t control the environment, but we do have control over how we protect, nourish, and hydrate our hair. Here, how to combat the 5 lifestyle factors that can damage our strands.

Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

Here’s Why Your Hair Still Smells Like a Campfire Hours after Smores

Noticing your strands tend to trap strong odors until your next shampoo? It happens to the best of us. Here, find out why and what it says about your hair.

Hair Tips - How-To

How to Care For Wet Hair

Wet hair is much more delicate than dry, and requires different techniques for styling and treating it. Here, the tips and tricks for managing it the right way.

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