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When learning a new styling technique or trying to determine the best routine for your hair type, it’s best to go directly to a hair professional. You’ll get the expert advice you need to master any look, style or product regimen. And since our artists are constantly educating themselves, we benefit from the ongoing tips and tricks that they share with their fellow stylists and clients.

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celebrity stylist Ericka Verrett Prose hair care
Salon - Stylist Q&A

Stylist Q&A: Celebrity Hair Stylist Ericka Verrett Talks Bowlcuts and Being Your Best Self

“It’s not always about the hair. It’s about building relationships.”

Hair Tips - Cut & Style

7 Tips for Heat Styling Without the Damage

Most of us have that one heat styling tool we couldn’t imagine living without, our strands would beg to differ. Here, find 7 protective tips on heat styling.

Two hair washing sinks in a hair salon in front of a red brick wall with a plant in between both.
Salon - Expert Advice

The Right Way to Wash Your Client’s Hair

A great shampoo can help a client feel relaxed before her service, but will also help prep hair for her color or cut. Here, step-by-step expert tips on how to leave her happy.

More on Salon

When it comes to hair care advice or wanting to learn new hairstyling techniques, speaking to a professional hair expert is your best bet. Here we bring salon stylists to you. Through Q&A’s you will learn more about their professional expertise on various topics such as how they stay motivated and inspired, how to make it in the industry, common hair concerns, and more. They will also provide you with expert advice on how to create any look, advice on how to style your hair after your new cut, and can even recommend products according your hair type and texture. This is the perfect section to keep up with your favorite stylists and to get salon education on all things hair.

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