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Hair Tips

From the best hair tutorials to master your favorite style to the perfect routine for your hair type, here you’ll find all the advice you need to master any look. Plus, the best cut & style for your texture and the color trends and techniques you’ll want to try right now.

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Prose model with short, brown hair posing in from of water and cityscape
Hair Tips - Grooming

6 Frizzy Hair Hacks from the Pros

Take a step up from the silk pillowcase. (Although we do love us some silk.)

Prose model with braids posing in a bathrobe in a bathroom
Hair Tips - Grooming

The Key to Keeping Your Braids Looking Fresh

“You’ve had them in for how long and they still look like that!?”



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Prose model with straight, dark hair against a brick backdrop shading her eyes from the sun
Hair Tips - Grooming

5 Natural Ingredients that Help with Thinning Hair

You’ll be on your way to growing new strands in no time.

Prose model with curly, red hair a white tile shower smiling
Hair Tips - Hair Color

How to Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant

Keeping your red hue from fading is easier than you think.

Girl with curly, red hair smiling against greenery
Hair Tips - Cut & Style

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Perm

The 2019 perm has loosened up and is a far cry from the coils of the past.

Prose model from Paris shoot with curly hair in front of greenery
Hair Tips - Grooming

How Your Hair May Be Contributing to Your Allergies

Spring brings a break from freezing temperatures, but also seasonal allergies. Learn how your hair may be contributing and how to prevent your symptoms from worsening.

Different brushes bunched together
Hair Tips - Grooming

How to Choose the Perfect Brush for Every Styling Situation

Based on what hairstyle you’re aiming for combined with what hair type you have, the brush you’re going to need will vary. Find out how to conquer every styling situation, here.

Handmade crystal pins from @crystalclipsco
Hair Tips - How-To

How to Incorporate Healing Crystals Into Your Hair Routine

Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or have your doubts, they’re a fun way to spruce up any hair care routine. Learn how to add them to yours, here.

More on Hair Tips

In order to reach your hair goals you need to start with the perfect hair care products and a regiment to get your hair to its healthiest state. Then, take it to the next level by learning how to achieve endless hairstyles and basic techniques. In this section you will find how-to’s, hair tutorials, and videos to help you perfect any look. But we don’t stop at hairstyles, here you can also learn and refresh the basics, such as how to wash your hair the right way, how to blowout your hair, and how to define your natural curls. You can also learn advanced techniques in easy to follow steps to help you recreate all the hairstyles you’ve saved in your inspirations folder.

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