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Cut & Style

Some hair trends are classics, others go in and out with the season. Keep reading for the cut & style that works for you. You’ll find the best haircut for your face shape, effortless styling techniques for your hair texture and the best hair tips for maintaining them from industry professionals.

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wet hair style summer
Hair Tips - How-To

How to Style Wet Hair This Summer

Pairs perfectly with a vacation glow.



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Girl with curly, red hair smiling against greenery
Hair Tips - Cut & Style

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Perm

The 2019 perm has loosened up and is a far cry from the coils of the past.

Prose red antler model with bangs and straight, brown hair
Hair Tips - Cut & Style

Why Your Fine Hair Won’t Hold a Curl

If your fine hair refuses to hold a curl, consider these nine styling mistakes that you may be making and see if adjusting your routine gives you the bounce you’re looking for.

Prose model with short, coily hair lounging in a bath tub looking off into the distance
Hair Tips - Trending - Cut & Style

Trendy Haircuts for Short Hair

Short haircuts have taken off in popularity and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Get on board, because flighty and flirty vibes are the way to go.

Woman with curly hair in sunlight touching her hair
Hair Tips - Cut & Style

Dusting vs. Trimming: Why One of These Will Save Your Hair Length

If your hair goals include increasing your locks’ length, discover which technique will compliment that desire and help you gain inches in the fastest way possible.

Girl with a long straight ponytail looks down with a striped scrunchie in her hair
Trending - Hair Gallery

Elevated Hair Accessories to Wear Right Now

Hair accessories are having a major moment. Take advantage of the sudden resurgence and have fun playing with these childhood staples. Hint: they’re all grown up now.

Hair Tips - Cut & Style

Sturdy hairstyles for the gym that won’t fall apart

Whatever your exercise style, having to swat away loose strands can really interfere with your workout. Here, four easy styles that are sure to stay put and keep you cool.

Hair Tips - Cut & Style

7 Tips for Heat Styling Without the Damage

Most of us have that one heat styling tool we couldn’t imagine living without, our strands would beg to differ. Here, find 7 protective tips on heat styling.

More on Cut & Style

In order to reach your hair goals you need to start with the perfect hair care products and a regiment to get your hair to its healthiest state. Then, take it to the next level by learning how to achieve endless hairstyles and basic techniques. In this section you will find how-to’s, hair tutorials, and videos to help you perfect any look. But we don’t stop at hairstyles, here you can also learn and refresh the basics, such as how to wash your hair the right way, how to blowout your hair, and how to define your natural curls. You can also learn advanced techniques in easy to follow steps to help you recreate all the hairstyles you’ve saved in your inspirations folder.

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