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Lab Notes

Here, straight from the lab at Prose, you’ll learn what goes into creating our custom formulas. Prose chemists go into detail on ingredient research, the importance of hair treatments— including for your scalp, and discuss some of the sneaky hair aggressors that can wreak havoc on your locks.

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prose scalp mask being worked into roots
Lab Notes - Scalp Care

The Best Ways to Deal With a Dry Scalp

Dry humor? Yes. Dry scalp? No thanks.

Hair Tips - Scalp Care

The Right Way to Care for Your Scalp for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts at the roots, so proper scalp care is essential for resilient strands. Learn techniques that will stimulate your scalp and make your hair flourish.

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Our research and development team works every day to discover new ingredients whose main purpose is to achieve your hair goals. Formulating new ingredients into different products and watching them work their magic is something our R&D team is extremely invested in and takes pride in doing. Each and every ingredient that is researched, tested, and put into our formulas are chosen for their power to tackle any and all issues or concerns you may have for the health of your hair. Our custom hair care products are built on years of research and testing to find the perfect ingredients that will care for your hair, from scalp to ends. They are chosen to protect your hair from aggressors in your environment, like pollution, hard water or humidity. This section will give you behind-the-scenes access to our team of chemists. They discuss the reasons and benefits of upcoming ingredients, how they were discovered, where they are sourced, and what they can do for the health of your scalp and strands.

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