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Lab Notes

Here, straight from the lab at Prose, you’ll learn what goes into creating our custom formulas. Prose chemists go into detail on ingredient research, the importance of hair treatments— including for your scalp, and discuss some of the sneaky hair aggressors that can wreak havoc on your locks.

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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils

In celebration of our custom hair oil relaunch, we’ve gathered up all of our favorite tips and tricks surrounding hair oil, including how to use it and some surprising facts.

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Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

How Prebiotics Can Help Your Hair and Scalp Health

Probiotics have been buzz-worthy for a while now, but have you ever considered testing out their close cousin, prebiotics? Learn more about their bacteria-boosting benefits, here.



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Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

What is Biotin and What Does it Do for Our Strands?

Biotin is often taken by mouth in the form of a pill, however, applying it topically has some amazing benefits for your hair that you don’t want to miss out on.

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Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

What Do Ingredients With The Suffix “-ate” Have In Common?

Does the suffix -ate on ingredients scare you away from products? Learn everything you need to know about these ingredients here. Hint: They’re not so scary after all.

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Hair Tips - Scalp Care

The Right Way to Care for Your Scalp for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts at the roots, so proper scalp care is essential for resilient strands. Learn techniques that will stimulate your scalp and make your hair flourish.

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Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

What You Need to Know About Maca Root and What it Can Do For Your Hair

For those with thinning or damaged hair concerns, Maca Root is the ingredient for you. Learn about this nutritionally-dense powder and how it can benefit more than just your strands.

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Hair Tips - Grooming

What To Do If Your Hair Has Been Damaged by Extensions

Extensions can be used to mask damaged hair, but are sometimes just as (if not more) harmful than other styles. Learn how to snap back from damage and preserve hair health.

Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

Here’s A Breakdown Of Clean Beauty And Why It’s Important

Most think twice before ingesting food with harmful chemicals and toxins, so why allow them into our hair and beauty routine? Here, a breakdown of the importance of clean beauty.

Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

Shea Oil vs Shea Butter: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard of shea butter and its deeply-nourishing properties for our skin. But what about shea oil. Here, all about the oil’s hair benefits.

Lab Notes - Scalp Care

Scalp Oil: An important step in your hair care routine you might be skipping

The majority of time we prioritize the health of our hair ends, but we may be overlooking the importance of our scalp health––where it all begins. Here’s why a scalp oil can help.

More on Lab Notes

Achieving healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Most times we focus on our ends and how to make them appear healthy and feel smooth and often forget that it all begins at the root. Our scalp is like the skin on our face, which many of us treat delicately and with special treatments daily or weekly. So why treat our scalp skin any differently? Exfoliating, cleansing, and hydrating the scalp regularly can give your hair the support it needs and a boost to grow stronger and healthier. This section will help guide you into adopting healthy habits for a healthier scalp.

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