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The work of our research and development team never ends. From discovering ingredients to testing new formulas, a lot goes into our formulas. The Prose R&D team shares what it takes to create new and innovative formulas, including the best natural active ingredients, and the process for getting them into our custom hair care.

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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

What is Porosity?

An explanation, finally!

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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils

In celebration of our custom hair oil relaunch, we’ve gathered up all of our favorite tips and tricks surrounding hair oil, including how to use it and some surprising facts.

Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

Here’s A Breakdown Of Clean Beauty And Why It’s Important

Most think twice before ingesting food with harmful chemicals and toxins, so why allow them into our hair and beauty routine? Here, a breakdown of the importance of clean beauty.

Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

Shea Oil vs Shea Butter: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard of shea butter and its deeply-nourishing properties for our skin. But what about shea oil. Here, all about the oil’s hair benefits.



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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

Here’s Why Your Hair Still Smells Like a Campfire Hours after Smores

Noticing your strands tend to trap strong odors until your next shampoo? It happens to the best of us. Here, find out why and what it says about your hair.

Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

A Brief History Lesson All About Hair Color

It seems people have always colored their hair, but how long have we actually been playing with dye? Here, find interesting facts on the history of hair color.

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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

15 Things About Hair You Probably Don’t Know

We spend a lot of time on our hair: washing it, styling it and coloring it. But how much do we really know about our tresses? Here, some startling strand statistics.

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Lab Notes - Scalp Care

7 Reasons Your Hair is Thinning

25% of women experience hair loss, for all different reasons. Here, we explain what could be triggering hair loss and what you can do to stop it.

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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

You Asked, We Answered. Everything You Need To Know About Our Custom Hair Oil

The first ever custom hair oil is here. The Prose chemists answer all your questions including why it’s great for everyone and details on the ingredients.

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Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

7 Surprising Facts About Hair Oils

Hair oils are deeply hydrating and can tame flyaways, but did you know they can be used as deep treatments before shampooing, as stylers, plus so much more? Read on!

Sliced and whole plums
Lab Notes - Ingredient Research

Why Plum Oil is the Next Big Beauty Oil

A French beauty secret for years, plum oil is a super antioxidant that’s poised to become the next big thing in beauty. Read all about why our chemists love it.

Lab Notes - Ask Our Team

CBD in Hair Care: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Prose Allstar

Dealing with a sensitive scalp? Find out how including CBD into your hair care regimen can help alleviate and improve the health of your scalp for healthier strands.

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Our research and development team works every day to discover new ingredients whose main purpose is to achieve your hair goals. Formulating new ingredients into different products and watching them work their magic is something our R&D team is extremely invested in and takes pride in doing. Each and every ingredient that is researched, tested, and put into our formulas are chosen for their power to tackle any and all issues or concerns you may have for the health of your hair. Our custom hair care products are built on years of research and testing to find the perfect ingredients that will care for your hair, from scalp to ends. They are chosen to protect your hair from aggressors in your environment, like pollution, hard water or humidity. This section will give you behind-the-scenes access to our team of chemists. They discuss the reasons and benefits of upcoming ingredients, how they were discovered, where they are sourced, and what they can do for the health of your scalp and strands.

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