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Hair Aggressors

Hair aggressors, like your city’s pollution level, the hard water in your shower, your diet and even stress, can be the why your hair’s not behaving. Not to worry — there are ingredients and adjustments to your hair routine that to prevent, protect and repair any damage.

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Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

How to Protect Your Hair from Pollution

Don’t let your hair harbor dirty secrets.

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Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

The 5 lifestyle factors damaging your strands and tips on how to combat them

We can’t control the environment, but we do have control over how we protect, nourish, and hydrate our hair. Here, how to combat the 5 lifestyle factors that can damage our strands.

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Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

Causes of Hair Damage and What You Can Do About It

Damaged hair may seem out of your control or irreparable but that’s not always the case. Here, find tips on how to repair different types of hair damage for your healthiest locks.

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Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

5 Ways Pollution Affects Your Hair and Scalp Health

Living in high-pollution areas can have a negative impact on hair. Learn to shield your strands from harmful pollutants.



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Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

8 Diet Tips for Great Hair

Achieve your hair goals from the inside out with a well-balanced diet. Here, the nutrients you should be on the lookout for.

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Lab Notes - Hair Aggressors

The Best Post-Workout Hair Care Tips

How you manage your post-workout hair is crucial to its health and strength. Here, find simple post-workout hair tips for your best post-gym hair yet!

More on Hair Aggressors

Our research and development team works every day to discover new ingredients whose main purpose is to achieve your hair goals. Formulating new ingredients into different products and watching them work their magic is something our R&D team is extremely invested in and takes pride in doing. Each and every ingredient that is researched, tested, and put into our formulas are chosen for their power to tackle any and all issues or concerns you may have for the health of your hair. Our custom hair care products are built on years of research and testing to find the perfect ingredients that will care for your hair, from scalp to ends. They are chosen to protect your hair from aggressors in your environment, like pollution, hard water or humidity. This section will give you behind-the-scenes access to our team of chemists. They discuss the reasons and benefits of upcoming ingredients, how they were discovered, where they are sourced, and what they can do for the health of your scalp and strands.

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