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Stylist Q&A

Ever wonder exactly which products hair pros use on themselves? Or the tricks they employ when caring and styling for their own hair? Here, salon professionals, independent stylists & colorists and industry experts tell all, from how they got started in the business down to the product they never leave home without.

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celebrity stylist Ericka Verrett Prose hair care
Salon - Stylist Q&A

Stylist Q&A: Celebrity Hair Stylist Ericka Verrett Talks Bowlcuts and Being Your Best Self

“It’s not always about the hair. It’s about building relationships.”

Salon - Stylist Q&A

Stylist Q&A: Prose Director of Education Shares Her Favorite Hair Tips Plus the Universal Haircut She Loves

Independent stylist and Prose director of education, Faith Huffnagle, shares her best advice to stylists, the steps she took to get established in the industry, and more.

Pickthorn hair stylist Chelsey Pickthorn posing in a black hat and colorful floral blouse
Salon - Stylist Q&A

Stylist Q&A: Colorist Chelsey Pickthorn on Being A Part Of A Client’s Transformation & Common Hair Concerns

Colorist Chelsey Pickthorn, from Pickthorn Studio in Brooklyn, talks about common hair concerns, how important it is to offer the best experience for her clients and maintain hair as healthy as possible.

Curly haired woman
Salon - Stylist Q&A

Stylist Q&A: Candy Diaz talks hair tips and advice

We catch up with Prose stylist, Candy Diaz, to chat all about her go-to hairstyle, hair mistakes people make, and tips on maintaining the health of colored hair.



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independent stylist
Salon - Stylist Q&A

Stylist Q&A: Olivia Halpin on Changing Her Career Path & Staying Motivated

Independent stylist, Olivia Halpin dishes on her change in career path, from finance to hair styling, advice on starting off in the industry, and her best hair tips.

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Stylists know how to deal with hair better than anyone else. They have hundreds of different hair types sit in their chair every month and they know exactly what works best for all textures. Here, we interview stylists and get to the root of it all — from how they decided to get into the industry, to their hair icons and the tools they can’t live without. They’ll even share secrets they’ve learned firsthand as professional stylists. Read all about their journey and listen carefully, because often times, they know our hair better than we know it ourselves.

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