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Each season is an opportunity to try something new. Perhaps it’s a trendy new haircut or maybe a color refresh to go with your summer vibe. And just like the visible look and feel of your hair, the ingredients in your hair care should adapt to the climate as well. This ensures you’re giving your hair exactly what it needs to combat the changing geo aggressors.

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fall highlights Prose hair care
Trending - Seasonal

Transition Your Hair Color Into Fall With Highlights

Highlights for fall? (Actually) groundbreaking.

leave-in condition summer hacks
Hair Tips - Grooming

Leave-In Conditioner Hacks for the Summer

It’s #1 on our summer must-haves list.



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summer hair red Prose Paris shoot
Trending - Seasonal

7 Summer Hair Colors Taking Over 2019

Including some unexpected ones.

Prose model with long, blonde hair shopping in a red top at a fruit stand
Trending - Hair Gallery

Lighten Up Your Look With Highlights

Brighten up your look this spring with highlights. Here, the ultimate guide to highlighting techniques so you can pick the best one for you.

Prose model with short, brown hair posing in front of leafy tree in a red and white dress
Trending - Occasions & Events

Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Holidays are always a great excuse to get done up. Try out one of these pretty looks that are sure to impress your date, but more importantly, yourself.

Woman with brown, curly hair in the bathtub with her Prose products
Hair Tips - How-To

When Is The Right Time To Switch Up Your Hair Care?

Just like we update our clothes every season, our strands require a change in hair care in order to get just the right nutrients it needs to stay healthy and grow stronger.

Hair Tips - How-To

These 5 Must Have Products Will Help Your Hair Survive Winter

Instead of overloading on hair products this winter, choose a few with the right ingredients. That’s all you and your tresses need to survive the cold winter season ahead.

A blonde woman wearing a bun has snow on her hair and is standing in the snow covered woods wearing a large black scarf covered in white snow
Hair Tips - How-To

Winter Hair Survival Guide

From static to split ends, our hair takes a toll during the winter months. Here, 6 quick tips and easy fixes to help your strands survive the chilly weather.

girl smiling while holding a leaf
Trending - Hair Gallery

The Top Haircuts For Fall 2018

Transitioning your hair from summer to fall is a great way to get a fresh. From textured bobs to long layers, here are 18 looks to help inspire your autumn chop.

More on Seasonal

We all get those sudden cravings to change our look for a season and we usually don’t stop searching the internet until we find that one perfect inspiration photo. Sometimes we’re in desperate need for hairstyle inspiration to attend a special event or occasion. Here, we keep you up-to-date on industry trends, hair inspiration and more. Plus, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the Prose team’s events, panels and conferences.

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