Trending Now: 2021 Bob Haircuts

There is one hairstyle that never loses its luster: the bob. The style has seen a lot of evolution from the roaring 20s to now. While the bob has signature bones that set the tone for the style,  the rules of styling the classic shape have been turned on their figurative head. Sleek bobs are still in, but these days embracing your natural hair texture is encouraged and celebrated even with this short ‘do. 

Below, we’ll share four of our top picks, including a silhouette that was one of the most searched hairstyles of 2020. We’ll let you guess which one. Each style we share serves as inspiration but can be reworked and tailored to your hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle.

Table of Contents

    The curly bob

    The curly bob is a reminder that textured hair can do anything. Before cutting your hair into a curly bob, chat with your hairstylist about your daily routine and lifestyle so you leave the salon with a cut you can maintain on your own between appointments. Middle parts always look great paired with curly and wavy hair but don’t be afraid to add a full or half bang to frame the face.

    The braided bob

    The ’90s era is back and here to stay. The braided bob made popular by superstars like Brandy, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Erika Alexander is back like it never left. Add a couple of colorful hair clips or a bucket hat, and you’re ready to step into your favorite ’90s sitcom.


    The french bob

    The French are beauty trendsetters, and let’s face it, their classic style always holds up. When we think of the French bob, Audrey Tautou’s bob from the 2001 film Amélie comes to mind. Depending on your face shape and the features you’re looking to highlight, your stylist can create a look with the French bob as the blueprint but make your style unique to you. The French bob was one of the most searched hairstyles of 2020, and we knew it would continue to be a popular prototype for bob lovers.


    The lob

    Growing out a short haircut can be challenging, but a lob makes it easy. Not only does the cut offer another opportunity to play with texture, but if you find you’re not quite ready for super short hair (we know that’s relative), then the lob is an excellent mid-point between growing your hair out or daring to go shorter.