2C Hair: How to Style & Care for it?

There are many different types of hair and each hair type has a different routine. Hair can be divided roughly into four categories: Straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Within each of these four main types, you will find three different categories: A, B, and C. 

Type 2 hair is the ‘wavy’ hair family, which lies somewhere between straight haired and curly haired. Type 2C hair is the last subcategory and has the waviest pattern. Keep reading to learn more about the 2C hair type and how to style and care for it properly. 

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    What is 2C Hair?

    The 2C hair type can be difficult to identify, thanks to its varying curl pattern. 2C curls can be wavy or curly, ranging from a subtle ‘S’ shape to a corkscrew curl. Curls start at the root, giving type 2C hair more volume than other type 2s. 2C hair is sometimes mistaken for type 3 curly hair, but when examined closely, the strands have loose waves. Because 2C hair often has different curls and textures, successful styling can be more challenging.

    Signs of Type 2C Hair

    Type 2C is one of the most versatile hair types. Strands can be low or high-density, and texture can be fine or coarse. Signs that someone has the 2C curly hair type include:

    To identify your curl pattern or hair type, it is best to look at your hair when it has not been styled and has no products in it. Gently pull a few strands out after a shower, dry them on a flat surface, then compare them to images of type 2 hair.

    2C Hair vs 2B Hair vs 2A Hair

    Although it’s easy to get different type 2s mixed up, there are a couple of key differences between each type. 

    Type 2A hair has the loosest wave pattern. Its subtle ‘S’ shaped curls can make hair look straighter, especially when left unstyled. Type 2B hair can also look straight when left unstyled. Due to its curlier pattern, this hair type can start to look frizzy. Type 2A and 2B may find that they need to wash their hair more often, as sebum can travel faster down a straighter hair shaft. 

    You can easily identify your hair type by using our helpful guide

    How to Take Care of 2C Hair

    It’s important to take proper care of your hair type to keep it in top condition.

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    Best Products for 2C Hair

    The most effective way to style and protect 2C hair is by using hydrating and moisturizing 2C hair products. These include:

    Understanding your hair’s density, texture, and porosity will help you choose the right products. By experimenting with different products to see what works and what doesn’t, you can start to create your ideal haircare routine. 

    Best Styles for 2C Hair

    When it comes to styling 2C hair for men and women, the best approach is to use lightweight products and build up gradually. Frizz, oiliness, dry ends, and flat curls can all result from over styling. 

    Try to avoid washing 2C waves too frequently, or supplement with dry shampoo if needed. An occasional deep condition will help keep this hair type looking its best. Try scrunching your hair while it is still wet to define the curl pattern. When drying your hair, instead of a hair dryer, use a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to protect delicate curls and waves.

    2C curls tend to get frizzier than other hair types. At night, tie your hair up using a silk scrunchie to protect it from tangles, or use a silk pillowcase. We move our heads a lot while we sleep and nighttime tossing and turning can quickly cause frizz or even breakage. 

    There are lots of different 2C hairstyles that look great, including curly bangs or curtain bangs, a deep side part, and an angled bob. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist about layering – wavy hair looks amazing with layers to add volume and framing around the face. 

    Remember that every hair type is different and will require a unique haircare routine. Have fun trying different products and methods to see what works best for you! Or, try out our easy hair consultation to learn more about your hair.