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How to Get Shiny Hair

March 9, 2022

1 Min read

So many things can come between you and healthy, shiny strands. Not only is hair susceptible to damage from the things we do to it (like heat styling and chemical processing) but also the things we put on it (harsh ingredients in hair care products). But, with a little help from healthy, key ingredients, and a few new styling strategies, you’ll see nothing but happy hair days ahead. Learn how to make your hair shiny today!

Dial down the heat

Looking to get shiny hair naturally? It’s important to keep in mind the styling tools you may be using in your day-to-day. In general, your hair thickness should determine how high or low you should set your heat styler to. The finer your hair, the lower the setting. So, if your hair is fine and thin, it’s ideal to keep the iron under 300 degrees. However, even if you have thick hair, it’s best to use your styler on a lower heat setting, around 300-320 degrees, to minimize damage.

What are the best shiny hair products? Using products that contain heat protective ingredients is also key to keeping your hair its healthiest and shiniest. The Prose leave-in conditioner helps to protect strands from heat up to 450 degrees.

Get frequent trims

Did you know shinier hair can come from simply more frequent hair trims? Split, fried ends are a dead giveaway to overgrown, dry, dull hair. Aim to get just the old ends trimmed off approximately three to four times a year, especially if you also get your hair chemically treated (color or relaxing) several times a year. We’re not suggesting you get a major cut, but even trimming off a half-inch will make for shinier hair.

If you’re prone to split ends, incorporate ingredients into your hair care routine that focus on sealing and protecting hair, like avocado oil, which is one of the few oils that can actually deeply penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen hair from the inside, preventing split ends from developing. Or, black currant oil, which seals and coats strands with moisture so that they don’t lose hydration, making hair stronger and more flexible.

Nourish your scalp

Healthy hair starts at the roots, that means making sure the environment where hair grows is in optimum condition. You want to treat your scalp skin with as much TLC as you would the skin on your face. That means, feeding it the necessary vitamins and ingredients that will keep hair follicles clear and keep bad scalp bacteria at bay.

Prebiotics is a buzzword in scalp health because they supply the food for good bacteria on your scalp that allows it to maintain a healthy balance. These good bacteria create a balanced ecosystem that ensures scalp skin is in optimal health to grow strong, shiny hair.

Use the hair right tools

Investing in the right brush can make a world of difference for your strands. Constantly brushing with a tool that aggressively tugs on hair can lead to knots, breakage and split ends—all things that dull down shine and create fragile strands.

Try one that contains natural boar bristles or mixed bristles to ensure that not only hair is treated delicately and tangles are removed gently, but also that naturally occurring, healthy hair oils are distributed from your scalp to your ends. This distribution of hair oils will help hair look glossier, while also helping to strengthen it.

Infuse moisture into your routine

Is there such a thing as the best shampoo for shiny hair? For hair that’s prone to breakage or suffers from lackluster shine, it’s not enough to invest in quality shampoo and conditioners, you also need to pamper strands with the proper styling and treatment products. Did you know that by understanding your conditioner’s pH level can actually lead to softer, shinier hair?

Think of your hair care routine like your skincare routine; it’s a regimen that keeps hair healthy, strong and shiny. Hair oil is a great addition to your hair care routine as it can be used before washing as a shine-boosting treatment or after as a sleek styler.

Achieve shiny hair today with Prose

Achieving the shiny hair you always wanted is simple with Prose and a few haircare tips. Begin your haircare journey with a free consultation from Prose today!



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