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Artificial Intelligence is Changing Beauty For All

June 9, 2018

1 Min read

There’s no denying that personalization has completely taken over all aspects of our lives. From fashion subscription boxes to suggested music playlists, day-to-day life is all about us, the individual. And in a time where we’re constantly disrupted, it’s nice to feel that our own experiences are tailored for us so that we’re getting everything we need, without all the excess.

Customization is the Future of Beauty

We’re all about customization in fashion, food, music — you name it — but in beauty, we can’t imagine it being any other way. With our unique skin types and complexions it’s clear that one “size” does not fit all when it comes to skin care and makeup. When you think about hair care it’s especially true. We are all unique but there’s so much more that affects what hair might need than genetics, and for most of us, those needs, concerns and goals can be a list longer than the allotted space on a shampoo label. We’re all familiar with the way traditional hair care products work — you have to choose between hair care that predefines your concern, like curl definition, color or detox. The issue is you may have any number of concerns, goals and preferences. For example, what if your hair is curly, but you also color it and live in a city with bad water quality. Or perhaps you’re curly, but don’t color and exercise in a pool each week.

Artificial Intelligence is Redefining the Beauty Market

There are infinite combinations of what you may need for your hair, and great hair care means addressing them all. That’s why the emergence of artificial intelligence into the beauty world has been a complete gamechanger. At Prose, we assess an individual’s needs, goals and preferences through a careful consultation that then creates a unique formula. Using A.I., we can ensure that you don’t need to compromise on your hair care. Our Prose consultation takes in information on hair type, lifestyle (diet and exercise habits) and even where you live (to assess geo aggressors like water quality and humidity) plus your goals and preferences (like if you want more shine or are vegan) for a total of 85 data points. This can result in 50 billion possible formulas.

The Algorithm is Always Learning

A.I. enables feedback from Prose consumers to be carefully considered and keeps the spirit of co-creation alive. This means that when someone shares feedback, we take their information and feed it back into the algorithm. Thanks to the power of machine learning, our formulas are continuously optimized. That means, your feedback helps us to continue to make your products perfect for you while also helping to improve the algorithm for current and future Prose consumers.

Take our consultation to see what your one in 50 billion formula looks like.



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