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How Does Your Hair Benefit from Custom Products?

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February 28, 2019
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At Prose, we like to think that, when it comes to hair care, we are bringing you the best of both worlds: a customized, old-school, apothecary-inspired product that, thanks to modern technology, is also super-accessible.

With the help of a Prose stylist—or via our online consultation—it takes mere minutes to collect all the information needed to create your personalized, perfect-for-your-hair regimen. Our primary goal: to identify what your hair is lacking, then enlist our algorithm and in-house scientists to create a formula designed to replenish, restore, and revive your locks. Unlike products made for one general hair type or concern, we carefully select each ingredient and adapt its concentration to best suit your hair right now. The result: Your custom hair care formulas will be laser-focused on your locks, getting you to your healthiest hair (e.g. shine, strength, density) faster.

What else can Prose’s customization process do for you?

1. You always have the ability to opt out of certain ingredients if, for instance, you have an allergy or you desire a vegan or silicone-free formula.

2. For those seeking greener, cleaner beauty care, you can rest assured that all of Prose’s ingredients meet our high standards of clean beauty. After years of testing, we’ve compiled a stable of nearly one hundred uber-effective, natural ingredients plus the best of the best in synthetic ingredients. Our in-house chemists are constantly researching and testing to ensure only the the safest and most-effective ingredients make it into your formulas.

3. As your hair continues to improve, so does our development process. As a tech-first company, we utilize both our online consultation and feedback survey to evaluate product performance. As a result, we continue to evolve our algorithm to suit your needs (the algorithm is now on its twenty-seventh incarnation!), as well as add new active ingredients, such as CBD, prebiotics and custom hair oils, to address mane needs previously unmet.


Ready to give customization a go—and discover how effective and fast-acting personalized products can be? Get started here.

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