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Benefits of Hair Gel

July 20, 2022

1 Min read

For a long time, you could only reap the benefits of hair gel if you were willing to endure either dry, brittle hair or a goopy, sticky mess.

Fortunately, hair gels today can keep your hairstyle intact without compromising its texture. Many hair gels go the extra mile to enrich your hair with moisture and beneficial nutrients.

We’ve broken down a few benefits of hair gel and provided tips for how you can find the best hair product for your hair type.

Hairstyle Maintenance

A good hair gel will extend the life span of your elaborate hairstyle to a full day or more.

If you’ve used different hair gels, then you know not all are made equal. Some strong hair gels lose their hold if it becomes humid or when it’s hot. Others have a weak grasp in normal conditions but will endure humid or hot weather.

The best hair gels provide a firm grip even when weather conditions change. You should always check the ingredient list to ensure a hair gel can sustain its hold through any weather before spending money on it.

Natural Volume

Hair gel can make hair appear fuller and effortlessly bouncy. The volume provided by a hair gel also depends on its ingredients. Some hair gels reduce friction between hair strands, holding them together to mitigate flyaway hairs that take away from a healthy bounce.

Others use ingredients that reduce how much oil your scalp produces. A style that’s not weighed down by oil is more likely to remain fresh and voluminous throughout the day.

Curl Definition

One of the benefits of hair gel is ensuring your curl definition remains intact even during a busy day. You can increase the effectiveness of the hair gel by adequately hydrating your hair. Apply hair gel after styling wet hair if you want to prolong a natural curl pattern. The Prose Custom Hair Oil can also help keep any getaway strands under control.

If you’ve styled your hair in waves or intricate curls, adding a moisturizer like the Prose Custom Curl Cream before applying hair gel provides longevity to the curl pattern.

Nourishing Nutrients

Hair gels have other ingredients that can help strengthen your hair. Organic and custom-made hair gels have nutrients whose nourishing effects persist even after the gel is washed out.

Hair gels with proteins are excellent at trapping moisture in your hair, reducing the risk of flyaway strands and brittle hair.

The best hair proteins penetrate your hair follicles, restoring damaged hair to health. Other proteins are known for their nourishing characteristics, helping your hair grow.

Prose Custom Styling Gel

The Prose custom Styling Gel is suitable for all types of hair. Its enriched formula packs all the benefits of hair gel while keeping your hairstyle intact.

You can take the consultation to find out which formula of gel is best for your hair type and pattern. Our team can use that same formula to custom-make a full range of shampoos, conditioners, oils, creams, and more designed specifically for you and your hair.


Think of us as your partner in haircare. Start with our innovative consultation.



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