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The Best Hair Ties for Every Hair Texture and Style

March 27, 2019

1 Min read

Remember those hair ties that featured a metal bind on them that was anything but gentle on your hair? Well, those seem to have (thankfully!) completely disappeared from shelves, and in their place a lot of fun and innovative hair bands have popped up. Now you can take your hair’s profile into consideration when making your mind up on an elastic.

Curly Hair: Coil Bands

If your tendrils were a hair tie this would be it. These coily bands mimic the pattern of curly hair and seamlessly blend into its spiral texture.

Relaxed Hair: Scrunchie

Relaxed hair can be prone to indentations, so keep your hair silky smooth by using a scrunchie to tie up your locks. The relaxed fit of scrunchies will ensure that your hair’s sleek texture won’t be compromised. If you don’t feel like making a scrunchie statement, try a thinner version that has all the same benefits without the balloon.


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Braids: Bungee Band

If you’ve got a head full of braids or super thick strands, bungee bands are going to be your best friend when styling your hair. These hair ties are miniature bungee cords that are able to stretch around the thickest ponytail or bun and clip securely on the other side.

Big, Curly/Natural Hair: Snap Off Hair Tie

These are perfect for natural and voluminous curly hair as they can handle textures with extreme body. No need to deal with weak hair ties that snap and break anymore.

Super Short Hair: Tiny Elastics

These itty-bitty bands are ideal for detail work or creating ponytails on super short hair. They’re so small that they’re able to wrap around even the shortest of tresses.

Fine Hair: Hair Ribbons 

Hair ribbons are perfect for fine hair because of their forgivingly smooth texture that won’t snag or pull out delicate strands.

All Hair Types: Classic Elastic

A great, classic black elastic is a must for any hair texture. They ensure maximum hold and a snatched ponytail every time.


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