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Celebrate Black History Month with Prose

February 1, 2020

1 Min read

This year we’re kicking off our Black History Month celebrations with a poem written just for Prose that puts the spotlight on black hair in all of its glory.

Cursive in her curls,
She looks in the mirror, & poetry writes itself.

Her comb is a choir,
singing through a symphony of strands:
No two sections alike,
for she is one-of-a-kind.

Her braids, shaped like her DNA,
intwine her reflection with her ancestors
to-and-fro, they twist & loc the connection
She is both the future & past bound together.

Her hair journey,
is untangled time travel
written in prose
& echoed in coils
Look how she glows;
her hairstory is royal.


Ars Poetica’s Director of Talent + Training, Anthony McPherson battles bigotry with poems, viral videos, mixed media performances, & his biracial-black identity. The former NYC-subway-breakdancer’s poetry appears in the Lionsgate film “Love Beats Rhymes,” produced by RZA of Wu-Tang, as well as the Emmy-winning documentary “Frameworks.” McPherson is the Rustbelt Slam champion, the Inkslam champion twice over, the Individual World Poetry Slam 1st runner up, and has reached over ten million views since his first viral poem, “All Lives Matter: 1800’s Edition.”

To learn more about Anthony, visit or find him on Instagram @mcphersonpoetry.