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This Beauty Super Fan Shares Her Self-Care Journey

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Melanie Graves
September 21, 2018
Home Salon Expert Advice This Beauty Super Fan Shares Her Self-Care Journey

Melanie Graves is the founder of beauty and wellness site, Overglow Edit. A self-proclaimed beauty super-fan, Graves spends her days testing and reviewing products. Here, she shares her journey into self-care and how the lessons she learned flipped her beauty routine upside down.


Reaching a point of taking my whole body into account when it comes to self-care has been a journey full of fits and starts, but one that has helped me realize that I can’t spend all my time on one part of my body, and ignore the others. It’s all connected, and I’m still figuring it all out but, my idea of self-care today is a million times different than five, or even two years ago. Initially, I thought that washing my face with the foamiest cleanser and scrubbing it raw with harsh exfoliators was basically the equivalent to a fancy spa, but if you’ve ever seen my Instagram, you’d know that I’m thankfully way beyond that point now.



Once I started to really pay attention to my skin and what it actually needs versus what I simply wanted to buy, everything clicked! At that point (which was not that long ago!), I had become so laser-focused on my facial skincare, but was completely forgetting about the rest of my body. My idea of bodycare was occasionally slathering on lotion (whatever scented one was under the sink), and continuing to use body washes that were totally drying to my already dry skin. After going through a super cold winter, I had bumpy, dry patches that started cropping up on my body, and that’s when I knew I was past due for getting a bodycare regimen in order. Nowadays, I can’t stand the feeling of my skin being dry, and I keep a travel lotion in every bag I have and every corner of the house. I may not be prepared for all emergencies, but if you’re in urgent need of moisturizer, I’m fully stocked.  



It’s crazy for me to think that the last part of my body that I realized required as much attention as everything else was the hair on my head. After years and years of abusing my hair with curling irons and blowdryers, and then trying to cover up the damage with any product that claimed to “smooth,” I realized that I could actually try to remedy the issues I have with my hair, instead of treating it harshly to find a quick fix! I distinctly remember looking in my sister’s hair product stash and seeing the extra attention she was putting into taking care of hers, and I thought, wait – I’m basically just brushing my hair and thinking I’ve done enough! And as a I get older, my hair health isn’t just going to look after itself. Just like the rest of my body, my scalp is quite dry, and the ends of my hair can get especially crispy, and of course it took way too long for me to figure out that I’ve been grabbing for any shampoo or conditioner that’s on sale without considering the effects it might be having on my hair. These days, I need to focus on my scalp health, keeping my locks hydrated and treating and preventing any damage (usually from hot tools), and now that I’ve been able to pinpoint my issues, I can make way better decisions about the products I use and choose a lot more carefully for what my needs are!



It’s been a long, winding journey to get to a point where my self-care feels like its at a good place and holistic (including looking after my internal health and wellness!), but as I edge further into my 30’s I know that giving myself the proper care in every aspect is what makes me feel whole everyday. As time passes, I’m sure my routines and idea of self-care will continue to develop, but I’m glad that I’m finally looking at the bigger picture.


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Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash


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