What is a Butterfly Haircut?

Move aside wolf cut and jellyfish cut, there is a much more delicate animal-named hair trend coming to town. The butterfly haircut is the next iteration in our love for shaggy, mixed layers but this time with an elegant twist.

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    The Deets on the Butterfly Haircut

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    Coined by hair stylist Sunnie Brook, the butterfly haircut is defined by layering at the crown for a dramatic face frame and big volume. Unlike other layered cuts, where dimensions are blended for all around texture, the butterfly cut relies on high contrast between a chin length layer and longer locks. 

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    So why do people love it? Well, if you’ve ever pined over the jaw defining abilities or chic French sensibility of a shorter hair cut, the butterfly cut is a way to achieve all the dimensions of  chin length without committing to a full chop. Some butterfly cut wearers have even been spotted pinning up the longer layers for a temporary bob! Just like a butterfly, this cut can be two in one, transforming your long hair into a seemingly totally different entity without any intense decision making. But that’s not the only reason it’s called a butterfly haircut. The high contrast layer framing your face almost looks like a deep curtain bang whose “away from the face movement” resembles butterfly wings!

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    Convinced yet? Well, so are millions of other people. After hairstylist Brad Mondo posted a tutorial on his tiktok, the video amassed over 20 million views. Butterfly cut lovers all around the world were reaching for their scissors in an attempt to create the look. And while some were pleasantly surprised that an at-home impulse decision didn’t end in tears, others weren’t so lucky. Just like any other hair style, the butterfly haircut technique cannot be copied and pasted onto all hair types. Some things are best left to the professionals, who can tailor the butterfly to your face shape and hair texture.

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    Who Is It For? 

    While the butterfly haircut can be achieved on almost all hair types, it does work best for people who have some texture and weight to their hair. Heavy layering on the crown can make thin hair even thinner and while straight hair can be styled, dramatic layering is most pronounced when it’s got a little natural movement. While it’s best to head to the salon for your butterfly transformation, you’ll be happy to know that styling is pretty minimal. This is an air-dry friendly style, but for the most volume and layering contrast, a blow dryer and round brush will do the trick. Don’t’ forget your heat protectant!

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