#CodeRed4Climate: Why Prose is Taking Action and You Should Too

We, together with more than 100 brand allies in beauty and so many of you, recognize the climate crisis is on our doorstep. We also see the window back to a stable planet getting narrower each year. This is a #CodeRed4Climate.

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    It’s no longer enough to care. Humankind must act—and to get there in time we must act together. Today, we at Prose pledge our continued commitment to climate action, including achieving climate neutrality in 2021, reducing our carbon emissions, and ethically sourcing sustainable ingredients.

    Also today, we’re coming together as an industry and as a community, collectively calling on our lawmakers to pass the climate legislation we need.

    We invite you to join us in action by calling your lawmakers at 202-318-5170 or visiting CodeRed4Climate.org.

    It’s simple and—most importantly—it works. #CodeRed4Climate. Follow Prose on Instagram for more details.