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How to Incorporate Prose Into Your Curly Hair Routine

July 21, 2021

1 Min read

Finding the perfect products to use on curly hair can take a lot of experimentation (read: money), particularly if you’re new to working with your natural hair texture. However, it is possible to avoid some of the pitfalls of experimentation if you know two things: your hair type and porosity. This knowledge is distinctly beneficial for those with low porosity hair because the hair cuticle is bound together tightly and doesn’t allow water to penetrate. Once you know those two things,  it’s time to learn how to use curly hair products.

Step 1: Pre-poo

Pre-pooing can feel like an unnecessary step in a wash-day routine, but don’t count it out. The addition of an overnight pre-shampoo mask to the lengths of the hair can help with detangling, length retention, and maintaining moisture. If you don’t want to go the overnight route, Prose’s custom pre-shampoo hair mask can be used right before you shampoo while in the shower, or on wet hair before. Just apply to the lengths of damp hair and let sit for twenty minutes before washing out. It’s packed with ingredients like moisture-boosting mango butter, anti-breakage castor oil, and silk proteins that can give your strands the nutrients they need before you hit the shower.

Step 2: Cleanse with a sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates are a big no-no for hair, especially curly hair types because the compounds strip the hair of moisture. Luckily, Prose’s shampoos are tailored for your unique hair needs and formulated with sustainable and natural active ingredients sans sulfates. When applying shampoo, try this Prose tip—apply shampoo horizontally across fingertips, add in a few drops of water, rub fingers together, and cleanse away.

Step 3: Condition, condition, condition 

Conditioning after a cleanse isn’t optional. Well, at least if you want your curls to spring into their full glory. Of all curly hair products to use regularly, conditioner is at the top of the list. Of course, the ingredients that best suit you will depend on your hair type and hair condition (color-treated, dry, damaged, etc.), but your customized conditioner will take out the guesswork.  

Conditioning the hair doesn’t just help reveal softer, hydrated hair; this is the step in the process that is best for detangling. When you’re ready to rinse three to five minutes after application, give your curls a shot of cool water to lock in moisture and reveal shiny hair.

Step 4: Apply stylers with hair porosity in mind

Learning how to use curly hair products to style the hair has a significant learning curve. Rightfully so considering there is so much advice out there. We want you to remember your curls are unique to you, so what works for your best friend or favorite blogger may not work for your hair. 

This may have falsely led you to believe that your hair is unmanageable. In reality, it just means you haven’t found your product groove just yet. We recommend keeping a few basics on hand to create a solid foundation: a leave-in conditioner, a curl cream, and an oil. Because these mainstays are rooted in hydration, they will work well with additional stylers like gel and mousse. Once you have your leave-in and curl cream, considering your hair porosity when applying everything from your leave-in to mousse is a gamechanger.

If your hair is low porosity, water (lots of it) is going to be your curls’ best friend. If you don’t hear a squishy sound when you scrunch your curls, you don’t have enough water on your hair. For high porosity hair, the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) or LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method can be helpful. No matter what point you use the oil in your routine, use it liberally. Start with six to eight drops of the custom hair oil and apply to wet hair before drying. If you need more, apply a few more drops.

Like we mentioned, there can be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to styling curly hair, but there’s no better feeling than nailing down your routine—so keep at it!


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