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woman with black hair and curtain bangs smiles in a hair salon

Why You Should Try 2020’s Hottest Trend: The Curtain Bangs

November 3, 2020

3 Min read

Whether it’s the aftermath of thousands of people cutting their own bangs during quarantine or our collective obsession with Marianne from Normal People, curtain bangs are making a comeback, and for good reason—they look great on almost everyone. Curtain bangs originated from the hippie years of the 1960’s and 70’s and are generally bangs that hit around the cheekbone and “curtain” open in the middle of the face, hence the name.

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Thanks to TikTok, the hashtag #curtainbangs has garnered over five million video views and continues to top the TikTok charts when it comes to hair-related hashtags. Relatively easy to cut at home, curtain bangs can add a whole other dimension to a flat, boring haircut. Unlike blunt straight-across bangs, the curtain bang is a bit more subtle and non-committal—if you aren’t in love with them after your haircut, they’re easier to grow out. Below, you’ll find five different types of curtain bangs to test out, each with their own funky vibe. 

Curly curtain bangs

Cute curly cats can rock the curtain bangs, too! Rather than using a blow dryer to fan out the bangs, we recommend applying our curl cream to keep curls tight and prevent a frizzy fringe. 

Widespread curtain bangs

Not all curtain bangs have to splay across your forehead—these longer curtain bangs are spread far apart, and might be a better option for those who are constantly bothered by hair in their face. The widespread curtain bang doesn’t require much styling (if at all), and are a more relaxed approach to this trending throwback hairstyle. 

70’s fringe

It just doesn’t get more major than the OG 70’s curtain bangs. With extra fanning to the sides, this style is cut a bit above the cheekbones and adds a serious retro vibe to any hairstyle. To achieve this look, part your curtain bang in half. Then, with a round styling brush, wrap the first half of the bang around the brush. Angle the blow dryer onto the bang, but pull the bang in the opposite direction of where it will flare out, like this. Repeat on the other side. If you’ll be using a blowdryer often to create this look, we recommend using our pre-shampoo hair mask to help restore moisture back into the hair.

Voluminous curtain bangs

Similar to the 70’s fringe, these curtain bangs are cut a bit below the cheekbone and have a little  more height to them. This style is ideal for those with thicker hair who just want a slight fanning of the face.

Mid length curtain bangs

Your standard curtain bang, this fringe is cut at the cheekbone, just shy of the eyes. Unlike a more striking cut like the 70’s fringe, mid length curtain bangs look softer and frame the face more. If you aren’t an everyday shower person, make sure to spritz some dry shampoo into your bangs to prevent them from getting oily and sticking together.


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