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Why Dry Shampoo Is The Ultimate Styling Companion

July 3, 2019

1 Min read

Dry shampoo—the decades-old multitasker—has only really gained popularity in recent years, but it’s quickly become a stylist secret and bathroom staple because of its ability to work wonders on all hair types. While it’s not a substitute for a good old-fashioned washing, this easy-to-use product may be just the thing you need to keep your hair beautiful between salon visits. Here, we explore the many uses of the product with the help of Lauren Davis, a stylist and social media favorite from Wichita, Kansas.

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoos are sprays or powders that clean your hair without water. They work by absorbing oils from the scalp, leaving hair feeling clean and looking “just-washed”. Modern beauty gurus who advise against frequent washing and diverse product variations have brought dry shampoo back in vogue. “Are all dry shampoos created equal? Of course not! Do some research to find the one that is right or you,” says Davis.

It adds texture and volume

Dry shampoo can add texture and volume without the sticky residue of hairspray. Because dry shampoo is applied at the roots, it can give the illusion of fuller, thicker strands, especially if you tousle your hair immediately after application. “The added texture from some dry shampoos makes hair even easier to style,” adds Davis.

It tames oily fringe

If oily hair or oily skin have caused your bangs to stick to your forehead, try adding a bit of dry shampoo on the underside of your bangs. Dry shampoo can prevent dreaded breakouts and may even add a bit of definition to strands.

It even works on curls

If you want defined, yet relaxed curls, dry shampoo can work wonders. When applied lightly, dry shampoo can coat your strands, creating a protective layer around your hairs’ natural oils and keeping curls from interlocking. “People with curly hair like 3c and 4c can use dry shampoo, but they should use it carefully,” continues Davis. “Dry shampoos are typically drying, and curls need a lot of moisture. So, look for a dry shampoo with a hydrating ingredient. And make sure to use it only on the roots. Getting it on the ends is a recipe for frizz.”

It can help cover up dark roots

Anyone who has ever dyed their hair blonde (or even silver) knows that dark roots can ruin a great hairstyle. While there is no substitute for a proper root touch-up, dry shampoo made for light hair can help to mask your dark roots.

It can be used all year round

Like skin, hair changes from season-to-season. Dry shampoo is flexible enough to provide benefits whether your hair is drying out from winter cold or getting sweaty in the summer heat, says Davis. “People may find that their hair gets oilier at certain times of the year and drier at others. Just change the amount of product you are using to go along with the environmental changes.”

And remember, it isn’t a substitute for shampoo

Dry shampoo should not be mistaken as a shampoo replacement. While it helps to extend the life of your wash, you should still wash your hair regularly with quality shampoos and conditioners that work to nourish your hair.


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Amber Alston is a New York-based beauty and culture writer whose work has appeared in Office Magazine, Bullett Magazine and others. A storyteller by nature, her work frames urban life, fashion, and beauty around specific histories and cultures. In addition to writing, Amber also styles and conceptualizes fashion shoots. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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