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Down to the Root: Grammy Award Winning Producer Ella Bric on the Importance of Latinx Heritage Month

October 12, 2021

1 Min read

Go beyond surface level with some of our favorite creators, innovators, and beauty gurus in our Down to the Root interview series. They let us in as we find out who they are, what drives them, and how beauty and hair ties in. 

For this edition of Down to the Root, we chatted with two time Grammy award winning producer Ella Bric. Below we talk music, the influential power artists have, and why she’s partnered with the Yo Te Creo Foundation to speak out against sexual abuse, specifically within the Latinx community.

Background check 

Describe how music has been part of your life. 

Since I was very young I was exposed to music. I come from a family of musicians and this inspired me to pursue a career in the arts. Music has allowed me to perceive the world from a different perspective. Every day living in New York is a challenge but the diversity that emerges from every corner is a new sound to discover in my mind, a new piece of music. Every experience is a new story that brings new melodies that later become songs. 

Why have you decided to partner with Yo Te Creo? 

I decided to partner with Yo Te Creo because I believe in the mission of creating awareness and amplifying the voices of many Latin American women that have been victims of sexual abuse or any form of agression. Most of these cases remain impune and I believe that as artists we do have power and we should use our platforms to give voices to those who don’t have one or need justice when the system fails them. 

What does Latinx Heritage Month mean to you?

It’s a reminder to never forget where I come from and also a celebration of those who came before me and who worked so hard, making it possible for me to achieve great things here in the Big Apple today. There’s still a lot more to do for our community, but celebrating us is a big step. It’s a reminder to always be proud of who we are and recognize what we’re capable of. 

Think fast

Who makes you feel most yourself? 

My friends.

What is something you can’t live without every day?


When do you feel the most challenged?

When I have to manage multiple projects at the same time.

Where do you feel most at home?

When I’m at the beach.

Why do you do what you do, professionally speaking?

To create change in the world.

Hairy details 

What’s your hair routine like? Are you a minimalist or maximalist
when it comes to your strands?

Thanks to Prose, I’ve learned that washing my hair goes beyond just showering and going about my day. Wash day is a ritual that is an act of self love. Depending on the amount of time I have available, I take more or less time on my hair. If I have the time, I’m a maximalist. If I’m in a rush, I’m a minimalist. 

Do you have any beauty hacks that you think people should know?

The only beauty hack I know is to be kind to yourself when you don’t feel pretty. Love yourself and treat yourself with a nice ritual for your hair 🙂 



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