Everything You Need to Know About Curly Bangs

Gone are the days of curly girls wanting bangs but feeling left out, or getting bangs that need to be heat styled. Thanks to more people embracing their natural hair texture and more stylists learning how to work with curl patterns, it’s time to let your natural hair pop.

Ready to take the leap, but feeling a little nervous? We tapped Gina Rivera, hair artist and founder, Phenix Salon Suites and Jenn Velez, hair colorist and stylist at LRN Beauty to help you get the best curly bangs ever and feel confident with your playful new ‘do.

“Curly bangs bring a vibe. Unlike straight hair, curly bangs play with the bounce and texture, creating such a fun lively look,” says Velez. Here’s how to get the vibe.

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    At the Salon

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    If you have curly hair, there are many factors that come into play when getting bangs, including your curl pattern and face shape, explains Rivera. That’s why you should always see your trusted stylist or seek out one that specializes in curly hair who will know how to cut your hair to get the right bangs for your hair type.

    When going for curly bangs, communication with your stylist is key. “Ask your stylist if layers are an option for you and ask for ones that blend with your curls or make them pop,” Velez says.

    And remember, the shorter your hair is, the lighter it is and the more it will likely spring up when dry, so if you like your bangs longer, be sure to communicate this with your stylist.

    Styling Curly Bangs At Home

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    Once you’ve made the chop, and it’s time to style your new bangs at home, you might feel a little overwhelmed, (or maybe even the urge to pull out the straightener) but with a few simple steps, you’ll get salon-worthy curly bangs every time.

    When it comes to styling curly bangs, both experts say less is better. 

    “You don’t want to over-style. It is best to let [your bangs] air-dry and use your finger to twist the curls into place using lightweight curl cream if needed,” Rivera says.  

    “Embrace air-drying to maintain that natural bounce,” says Velez. When styling, you’ll want to opt for products that enhance curls, like a lightweight curl cream or styling gel. After your hair is mostly air dried, but still damp, then you can grab the diffuser to help get some added volume.

    As curly girls know, you won’t be washing your hair daily, so that means your bangs will require a little extra love between lathering up. To refresh your bangs between washes, Rivera says that you can take a little curl cream and apply it to the pads of your fingers, emulsify and twist hair into coils in small sections. Alternatively, Velez suggests using a light mist of water mixed with a bit of leave-in conditioner to help reshape your bangs. 

    As for maintenance, both experts recommend a trim every six to eight weeks. “Regular trims help maintain shape and prevent any unwanted frizz,” Velez says. 

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