The Cut Down: How to Apply Your Prose Scalp Mask

Whether you’re new to a scalp mask or have been using one for a while, it’s important to really nail down the application process in order to truly benefit from the product. Read on to learn a few tips that can help guide you through using your scalp mask and getting all of the healthy hair benefits.

Table of Contents

    1. Detangle hair first 

    Removing any knots or tangles in your hair is a critical first step to a smooth and efficient scalp mask application. Skipping this step can make getting the product onto your scalp difficult, especially if you have thick hair. Plus, if you don’t detangle, your arms are bound to get tired from moving around any hair that’s clumped together.

    2. Dampen don’t soak hair

    When hair becomes wet it swells from the inside forcing its cuticle layer to raise up. This allows for better product penetration when using  both a hair and scalp mask. However, completely soaking your hair isn’t necessary to achieve this. In fact, soaking your hair could lead to less product penetration. For best results, simply douse your strands in water with a spray bottle and brush through to distribute evenly.

    3. Section hair into fours

    If you’ve taken time to detangle your hair then this step should be fairly quick. The easiest way to break down the application process is to section hair into fours; two sections in the front and two sections in the back. Part your hair straight down the center and then part again horizontally from ear to ear. Be sure to clip up any areas that you aren’t working on to keep hair out of the way.

    4. Focus on target areas

    Although the goal is to apply the scalp mask all over your head, it’s important to target  sensitive areas that can become easily irritated. This includes the nape of your neck, crown, hairline and temples. Simply scoop out your desired amount of product and apply directly onto these areas. Take  time to use the pads of your fingers on both hands to massage the scalp mask in and around your target  area until it begins to lather. Once the mask foams it will become much easier to move the product around  the rest of your head as you work through your four sections.

    5. Let your scalp mask set

    Processing time is anywhere between five to15 minutes to allow  the mask to work its magic. If you happen to leave your mask on longer than the recommended time, don’t fret., There will be no negative effect on your scalp or hair. Our custom scalp mask can be used once a week to keep your scalp balanced, but if you’re someone who experiences frequent scalp sensitivity (itchiness, redness and/or flakes) it’s safe to use up to two times per week.

    Wrap up

    Properly applying a scalp mask really starts with nailing down a detangling routine. In order to reach all the target areas, sectioning off your hair is also key—you want to be able to reach as much surface area of your scalp as possible. Then, once everything is in place, it’s time to lather up, exfoliate, and soothe your scalp.

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