How to Create a Healthy Hair Regimen

Who doesn’t love having beautiful, healthy hair? However, finding the right hair regimen and tools to maintain our hair can also be challenging. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast variety of products available on the market, and it can seem impossible to choose the right product for you. 

That’s why we’re here! Finding the right products can require a lot of experimentation, and it’s essential that you find hair care products that work for your hair type and address your hair concerns

Table of Contents

    1. Cleansing your hair

    Your hair cleanser (normally your shampoo) is the most important step in your hair care routine. Its function is to break up oil and debris off the hair cuticle and suspend it so that it gets washed away with water. How often you wash your hair depends mostly on your hair structure. Straight hair needs the most frequent washing, as oil from the scalp travels easily down the lengths of the hair. Therefore, straight hair gets oily quickly and may need to be washed daily or every other day. On the other end of the spectrum, those with tightly curled, coiled hair tend to experience more dryness. As oil from the scalp doesn’t travel down the hair strands quite so easily, people with this hair type can get away with shampooing as infrequently as once a week. 

    Find the right cleanser

    Regardless of your hair type, you should use a shampoo that matches your particular needs. If you’re washing your hair daily, you’ll need a gentle shampoo that doesn’t dry out the hair too much; on the other hand, a once-a-week shampoo needs to be strong enough to wash off the debris that’s accumulated throughout the last seven days. Similarly, shampoo for an oily scalp needs to contain a sebum regulator, while drier scalps require more moisturizing. 

    That’s why we’ve developed our Custom Shampoo. We take your unique hair needs into account to create a formula that’s unique to your hair, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences to create the exact product you need. 

    2. Condition

    Conditioning is the second step in your hair routine, and it shouldn’t be neglected! When you shampoo your hair and get rid of all those pesky debris and oils, you end up losing some of your hair’s moisture. This is true no matter how gentle your shampoo is — it’s just the nature of cleansing products, if they weren’t at all drying, they wouldn’t be able to cleanse properly. 

    Conditioning is essential

    Luckily, this is easily remedied by using a high-quality conditioner after every wash. We developed our Custom Conditioner that offers great moisturizing abilities without weighing hair down. Additionally, the slippery texture allows your hairbrush to glide seamlessly through your hair, making the combing process quick and easy. Detangling with conditioner will also protect hair from breakage or hair damage from how you comb through dry hair.

    How to properly wash your hair

    3. Extra care for your hair

    While your customized shampoo and conditioner routine will certainly serve you well, sometimes your hair may require some extra care. If you’re dying your hair, chemically curling or straightening it, or you’re experiencing dryness due to harsh weather, you may want to add some moisture to your hair. If not, you still may want to add something a little extra to pamper yourself and improve hair health. 

    Try a leave-in product

    Our leave-in conditioner is a gentle mist that’s perfect if you require a little extra help detangling your hair or smoothing flyaways. It’s perfect for those in harsher climates who feel like they need extra moisture in between wash days. The gentle formula won’t weigh down your hair, but it will provide just enough moisture to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

    Some heavy-duty moisture

    If now and then you notice that your hair needs a moisture injection, you’ll likely benefit from using a highly-concentrated product such as our Custom Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask. As with all of our products, we formulate the mask with the appropriate concentration of ingredients for your hair’s needs, and we include personalized instructions that advise you on exactly how often to use the mask. Apply it on damp hair before your shampoo to achieve the best moisture balance for your hair. 

    The occasional scalp treatment

    Your scalp needs some love too! If you ever notice flakiness or dryness, you may benefit from using our Custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask. The gentle formula will soothe and balance your scalp, thus improving the health of your hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. 

    4. The finishing step in your hair regimen 

    Finally, you may enjoy using a protective product such as our Custom Hair Oil. This is a multipurpose product you can use in two ways.

    Develop your personalized haircare routine

    We know how exhausting developing the right haircare routine can be, but our custom formulas prove that it doesn’t have to be this way. No more going through more and more new products, trying to find one that works — our formulas are made to fit your needs exactly. Visit our consultation page to get your tailored recommendations for the perfect hair care routine. We’ll take the specifics of your hair, your unique needs, and preferences to develop a hair regimen that’s perfectly suited to you.  

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