How to Determine Your Hair Type

Proper hair care is important not just for outward appearances, but also for your overall health. Different techniques are required to treat specific hair types. One of the easiest ways to maximize your hair care efforts is to make sure you know your hair type and are treating it accordingly. The best way to do this is to take a hair type quiz.

Having a better understanding of your hair type can help you select products that will be the most beneficial to you. How well do you care for your hair? Take our hair type quiz below to find out.


Table of Contents

    Five-minute hair type quiz

    Hair appearance

    Let’s start with your hair appearance. To accurately determine your hair type, let it dry naturally after your next wash. Once your hair has air-dried without product being added, is it:


    Most people are able to easily recognize these hair types to identify which main category they fall into.

    Each category of hair has subqualities that help define each hair type. In fact, there are many different types of curls or coils and it can be hard to pinpoint where you fall exactly. Some people even have multiple curl patterns. If you’re someone who has multiple textures, choose the one that is most prominent throughout.

    Hair structure

    Once you know your primary hair type, it’s time to identify your hair structure. This is usually done by a strand test, which can be conducted by either sight or touch. For this hair type quiz, we’ll use the touch method, since it helps to more accurately determine the diameter of your hair. Take a piece of hair in between your fingers and rub it back and forth.

    Hair porosity

    Your hair’s ability to absorb moisture and natural ingredients from sustainably sourced products is known as your hair porosity. Knowing your hair porosity can help you take better care of your hair because you’ll know how well it can retain protein and moisture. Let’s find out your hair porosity:


    Unsure of how to determine your hair porosity? A common way is by doing the float test. Place a piece of hair in a glass of room temperature water. If the hair floats, then you probably have low porosity. Hair that sinks slowly is an indicator of even  porosity, whereas hair that sinks immediately means that your hair might have high porosity.

    You can also do other tests, such as spraying your hair with water and observing how long it takes to be absorbed. For example, hair that absorbs water quickly is a sign of high porosity hair.

    Scalp moisture

    The final section of this hair type quiz is designed to determine your scalp moisture. Which of these three scalp types most resembles your hair?

    Now that you have a clearer understanding of your hair type, it’s time to elevate your hair care routine. Our diverse range of products is designed to help you effectively maintain the health of your hair. At Prose, we take pride in crafting innovative products made with natural ingredients. Create your own unique hair formula today and find the best products for long-lasting, vibrant hair.