How to Get Clear Skin: 8 Tried and True Tips

A smooth, blemish-free complexion is key to getting gorgeous glass skin. But sometimes, those stubborn spots just don’t want to go away. Find out how to get clear skin that lasts with these eight proven tips. 

Table of Contents

    1. Wash Your Face Twice Daily

    Washing your face with cleanser should be part of your skincare routine both in the morning and evening. Sweat and dirt accumulate during the day and at night while you sleep. Regular cleansing prevents excess buildup, which can lead to blemishes. Choosing a cleanser suited to your skin type can wash away impurities without leaving your skin dry or oily. A cleansing formula free of alcohol, parabens and other harmful ingredients may prevent irritation or further breakouts. 

    2. Stay Hydrated

    You’ve heard it before, but hydration really is one of the best ways to keep your skin blemish-free. When you get dehydrated, your skin is one of the first things to suffer. Drinking enough water helps maintain skin elasticity, which can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 

    Proper hydration also prevents your pores from drying out and clogging up with oil and dead cells, which may reduce break outs. It can also support your immune system overall, making it easier for your body to fend off blemishes from the inside out. 

    3. Opt for Gentle Hair Products 

    The products you use on your hair can have a greater effect on your skin than you might think. This is especially true for those with bangs, who are often more prone to forehead breakouts. 

    Selecting a gentler shampoo and conditioner like the custom formulas from Prose can keep your hair clean and nourished without irritating your skin. Plus, your hair will thank you for the healthy and hydrating ingredients blended based on your unique needs.

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    4. Avoid Touching Your Face

    Touching your face or resting your chin on your hand could be behind your breakouts. Throughout the day, your hands accumulate germs and bacteria, which can then be transferred to your face. Washing your hands often and keeping them off your face can minimize this transmission. 

    The same goes for pimple-popping. This lengthens the healing process and can lead to swelling, infections and acne scars. Resist picking your blemishes to keep them on track to clear up. 

    5. Target Skin Concerns With a Serum

    Serums are highly concentrated products designed to target specific skin concerns, whether it’s fine lines, redness or hyperpigmentation. Adding the right serum to your skincare routine can make your skin clearer than it is with cleanser and moisturizer alone. 

    The custom serum from Prose is specially formulated to meet your skin’s unique needs. Natural ingredients like amino acids and mango leaf extract can combat blemishes and leave your skin smooth and clear. 

    6. Keep Things Clean

    Anything that touches your face can cause breakouts without proper cleaning. Things like makeup brushes accumulate lots of bacteria and should be washed regularly to avoid getting it on your skin. 

    Pillowcases can also carry dirt, sweat and buildup from skin and hair products. If they go too long between washes, they could cause you to break out. Run your bedding through the washing machine often to keep your linens clean and free from bacteria. 

    7. Simplify Your Skincare Routine

    More isn’t always more when it comes to skincare. Using too many products at once can irritate your skin and may make it more prone to blemishes. 

    Keep your skincare routine simple by starting with a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. For additional skin concerns, consider adding a targeted serum to tackle problem areas and leave your skin clear and glassy. 

    8. Choose Products Tailored to Your Skin

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    Skincare products developed for the masses don’t always get to the heart of your complexion concerns. For products that really meet your needs, turn to Prose for custom formulas designed with your skin in mind. 

    Using natural ingredients free from harsh chemicals, we’ll take your skincare goals into account as we craft every cleanser, moisturizer and serum. That way, you can personalize your skincare routine to the fullest. Ready to design a skincare routine that’s as unique as you? Take our skin consultation today to get started.