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The Prose x Canopy Humidifier Collaboration is Here Just in Time for Fall

October 19, 2021

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At Prose, a change in season means the addition of a new limited edition fragrance. For Fall 2021, we brought back a fan favorite: Arcadia. It’s citrusy and woody notes are the perfect cozy scents to steam up with in the shower. But now, thanks to Prose’s latest collaboration, you don’t have to limit your scent experience to wash day.

The beauty benefits of a humidifier

Prose has teamed up with clean humidifier brand Canopy to showcase our coveted fragrances in a way we never have before. Humidifiers are typically touted for their health benefits, but did you know that you can reap beauty rewards from them as well? In addition to easing a dry throat and calming congestion, humidifiers can also help keep your skin and hair moisturized throughout the dry winter months. “Hair is extremely sensitive to humidity levels. Water in the air affects the hair’s hydrogen bonds which help connect keratin fibers and contribute to its shape,” says Marie Mignon, MS, VP of Research and Development at Prose. This means that as the seasonal dry air rolls in, the lack of humidity leaves hair dry, brittle, and more prone to static.

The Prose x Canopy collaboration

Picking up a humidifier is a great way to balance out the humidity in your home and keep your hair and skin strong and healthy all winter long. There are a few ways you can experience the Prose x Canopy collaboration. First detail to know is that the scent experience isn’t limited to just Arcadia. If you’re familiar with the Prose fragrance collection, you may recognize a couple other fan favorites: Perle and Botanica. Perle is powdery and musky while Botanica is herbal and aromatic. All three scents are ideal to cozy up with during a cold fall and winter. Each bundle offered through the collaboration features all three fragrances, so you don’t have to make the dreaded scent decision we know is so tough to call.

The three bundle options are the: Prose x Canopy Humidifier, Prose x Canopy Diffuser, and Prose x Canopy Aroma Kit. The humidifier bundle comes with a Canopy humidifier (our favorite!) and the Prose aroma kit which includes three aromas and three aroma pucks. The diffuser bundle is similar as it comes with a Canopy diffuser and the Prose aroma kit. Lastly, if you already have a Canopy humidifier or diffuser and just want to experience the Prose scents, that’s an option too in the Prose aroma kit, which contains three aromas and three aroma pucks.

Three reasons to use a humidifier

We’ve briefly covered why a humidifier is a winter beauty must-have, but here’s a quick recap:

1. Lower humidity fall air=drier hair

For many of us, fall weather means low humidity—adding more moisture into the air helps hair retain moisture, even when it’s chilly outside!

2. Prevent frizz

Drier hair is also more susceptible to frizz. Maintaining a healthy moisture balance is the easiest way to avoid year round. 

3. A dry scalp is an unhappy scalp

No-one wants a dry or flaky scalp—balancing the moisture in your air goes a long way towards keeping your scalp microbiome balanced as well. 

So, it kind of seems like a humidifier is a no-brainer at this point, right? We’re so thrilled to have partnered with our friends at Canopy and are sending you healthy hair all season long.



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