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Instagram For Stylists: Getting Set Up

November 8, 2018

1 Min read

Welcome to our series of Instagram tips and tricks. We’re sharing everything you need to know to master Instagram and use it to market yourself and your styling business. First up, we’ll talk about setting up your Instagram account for success. Keep reading for our top five tips.

1. Create a business account:

When setting up your Instagram, you have the option to set your account as personal or business. We recommend going with ‘business’ as it allows you to include contact buttons directly on your profile and gives you access to analytics about your account. With those analytics you’ll be able to see which posts are most effective at driving engagement, how people are discovering your posts, and even which posts are driving people to your website.

2. Pick your profile picture wisely:

For new followers, your profile will be your first (and perhaps only) chance to make an impression and can make or break a split second decision to follow you or not. You want your profile picture to be recognizable and accurately represent who you are. In general, bright, clear photos of your face will be most enticing but if you’re creating a profile for your salon, your logo (large enough to read on mobile) will likely be more appropriate.

3. Be direct in your bio:

Your bio is your opportunity to sell yourself and your profile to potential customers. Anyone visiting your page for the first time should understand who you are and what they can expect to find when they follow you. For all professional Instagrams, we recommend including the following three pieces of information: who you are, what you do, and what followers can expect to see on your profile.

4. Share business details:

For stylists, we also recommend including where you are located and the best way to book an appointment with you. There’s room for personality here but most importantly you want to make it easy for a new customer to understand what you stand for and how to get in touch with you—after all, the goal of your Instagram is to get in front of paying customers, not just get more followers.

An ideal bio could look something like this:

Faith Huffnagle
Education Director @prose and hairstylist specializing in bringing curls to life. Follow for curl-spiration, my on-the-go beauty tips, and behind-the-scenes at Prose.
Based in NYC
For appointments, email me at

5. Direct Followers to Other Pages:

Make sure to include a link under ‘website’ as well. You can use this to drive to your own website, press that features you, or for Prose stylists, your custom Prose landing page to start earning commissions!



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  1. I just received my prose product. I furrowed the instructions. And after my first wash my hair was dry and frizzy. I take pride in my healthy thick hair and it looked horrible yesterday. It has calmed down but I’m afraid to use it again. I need more hydration than what I have . I like the smell and that is all at this point. What should I do?