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Leave-In Conditioner Hacks for the Summer

June 20, 2020

1 Min read

Just like skincare, transitioning your hair care once the warm season hits is key to maintaining control of your strands. One product that can aid in this changeover is leave-in conditioner.

Finding Your Right Fit

Leave-in conditioner is a popular product used for styling that adds moisture, shine, detangles, and assists in the manageability of all hair types. The key is finding the perfect one that compliments your unique hair type, as they come in a range of different formulas. Some are lightweight and more watery, which is ideal for fine and low density hair. Ones that have a more lotion-like texture are great to spray on medium wavy to curly hair, while those with coarse or dense hair will love a thicker, more conditioner-like formula for maximum moisture. The good thing about leave-in conditioner is that once you find your perfect match, it can be used on wet or dry hair. This versatility makes leave-in the perfect hot-weather companion.

Styling Wet Hair

Have you ever climbed out of a pool or ocean only to discover that your hair is riddled with knots? Enter, leave-in conditioner. To detangle your strands in a pinch, spray a good amount of leave-in on the length of your hair and use your fingers, wet brush, or comb to break up the tangles, always starting with ends and working your way up. Also, if you have color-treated hair, consider spritzing down your strands with a leave-in before stepping outside to help protect your color from fading.

If you’re looking to achieve a smooth blow dry, spray a light amount of leave-in all over your towel-dried head, focusing on the lengths, for maximum hydration and smoothness. However, not all leave-in conditioners are created for heat protection, so be sure to look for one with that added bonus if heat styling is your jam. Lastly, we can’t forget about the popular L.O.C. (leave-in, oil, cream) method. Use leave-in conditioner as the first step to add even more moisture to your wash and go’s and then follow up with a hair oil to seal in all the hydration.

Styling Dry Hair

Being the styling warrior that it is, leave-in conditioner can also be used on dry hair. To battle frizz on extra humid days, spray a small amount of leave-in on your hands and then apply it to the frizzy parts of your hair. Wrapping both hands around your strands and gently squeezing the products down your lengths is ideal.

As far as styling goes, sleek ponytails are always a great option for keeping your hair out of your face, while still remaining chic, and a leave-in can help. Spray a fine mist of it a few inches above your head, letting it settle on your scalp. Then gently brush your hair into a pony for shine and control.

Away on vacation? A fluffy twist out is another fun style that will help you extend your style for a couple more days. To achieve, detangle and separate your hair into sections. Then use a leave- in conditioner to control your hair for two-strand twists. Follow up with a drop of your favorite hair oil to seal in the added moisture. If your hair is still pretty fresh from wash day, leave-in can also be used to easily refresh a wash and go. Just spray directly onto frizzy or knotted strands to detangle and revive dry curls.


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Faith is a NYS licensed cosmetologist with over 15 years in beauty. Starting her career as a master colorist, Faith spent years expanding her skills to include styling, editorial, blogging + media, along with working under some of the top names in beauty and fashion, such as Patricia Field and Rachel Zoe. By 2015, she stepped from behind the chair into salon management & education – always leading from the viewpoint of the stylist. This unique transition launched her into working with beauty start-ups as an industry expert to strategize their brands. Prior to her position at Prose, Faith worked alongside celebrity stylist Jen Atkin as Sales and Education specialist at OUAI haircare.

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