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Figuring Out How to Layer Your Hair Care Products Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Emily Bowen
February 12, 2020
Home Hair Tips How-To Figuring Out How to Layer Your Hair Care Products Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Curly girls and guys know that perfect curls and coils aren’t always born from just one product. Sometimes it takes layering a few to achieve your desired look. Mixing and matching to create your own concoctions can feel experimental and like a bit of a science experiment—a fun one, of course. However, instead of going rogue and completely winging your routine, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to help perfect your process. Depending on your hair, you may use the LOC method, the LCO method, or even the LOCS method. Learn exactly which routine may be your perfect fit below.

First, you need to understand what each letter of these acronyms means:

L can either stand for liquid or leave-in conditioner. The key to hydrated hair is simple: just add water. Water is the ultimate source of hydration for all hair types because it penetrates deeply into the hair’s cortex.


O represents oil. Think back to your high school chemistry class. You learned that oil repels water, which means that when layered on your hair, moisture is sealed in and evaporation is slowed. The result: hair retains more moisture for longer.


C is for cream. Similar to oil, creams are also great at providing moisture and preventing hydration loss. If you’re looking for a soft hold and frizz-free, defined curls, a curl cream will be your best friend.


G stands for gel. Gels provide a more rigid hold than creams and help to structurally hold curls. So, if serious curl definition is what you’re after, give gels a try.


S is for sealant. Looking to “waterproof” your hair? Try a sealant. These heavier oils, such as shea butter, create a barrier on your strands, keeping welcomed moisture in, but unwanted moisture out.


So, now that you’ve decoded each letter, there are a few different combinations of products that you can implement depending on your hair type and needs: LOC, LCO, LOCG and LOCS. Which layering method do you think will be your perfect fit? Let us know in the comments below!










  1. Since you mentioned gels… will prose be coming out with a custom gel soon?

    1. A custom filled hair gel sounds like a great idea, Danielle! While we don’t currently have plans for this, our team is always developing exciting, new products and we’ve noted your interest. Thanks :). You might be interested in our Curl Cream. Your custom Curl Cream helps to hydrate and define your curls, taming frizz and providing a soft hold. Here here to check it out: . If you have any questions, just let us know.

  2. So what order should i should use my products? I am trying different combos but have not found the right combo. Usually i use a gel and dry. A little Later I use the oil. But sometimes i use the leave in CONDITIONER, gel, curl cream and When dry the oil.any suggestions?

    1. Hi Debbie! It may be helpful for you to know that oil is hydrophobic. As oil and water don’t mix, you can think of your Custom Hair Oil as helping to seal in the moisture that you apply to your strands. As your Leave-In conditioner is primarily a hydrating product, we recommend that you use your Leave-In after washing your hair or to refresh your style. Then you can apply either your Custom Hair Oil or your Curl Cream next, depending on what works best for your strands. After applying your products, then use your gel to finish styling your strands.

      & you can always apply a bit of Custom Hair Oil to finish your style! If you have any other questions, just let us know.

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