Trending Now: The Man Bob

Ah, the man bob! This hair style for fellas is trending, and the reason is simple. A man bob is a statement, but one that’s super easy to manage. Maybe not as easy as a shaved head, yes, but you grew (or are growing) that out for a reason. It’s time to embrace your inner celebrity heartthrob, or whoever you saw rocking a man bob and thought “that looks sick!”

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    So where does the man bob find its roots? In America, not until the 1960s, when the peace and love “Woodstock era” made long hair for men both a political and fashion statement. Even then, it wasn’t socially accepted outside of forward thinking circles—we’ve come a long way since! One thing that remains, the man bob is a perfect length for any guy who wants to try out a hipper style without going full 70’s flower child, or for someone who’s looking to go short short, but might need a comforting pit stop in between. 

    One thing to love about the man bob is that it has the potential to give both surfer boy AND book store intellect, depending on how you play it. Will you tousle it up or slick it back? For the man bob, simple styling tricks like a tuck behind the ear goes a long way. What we don’t want is the Lord Farquad from Shrek effect aka a bob that’s super rounded at the ends and not the most flattering. What celebs have shown us too, is that the man bob does not look out of place paired with a tux and walking down the red carpet. Or maybe it’s precisely the shaggy casualness of the man bob that compliments the formality so well? Either way, if you want to appear extra rebellious, just make sure there’s at least one lock of hair dangling mysteriously in front of your face. Cock your eyebrows and curl your smile up to one side to complete the look.

    Man bob inspiration

    Models can pull off any haircut, but you don’t need to be one to rock a man bob.
    This man bob is giving movie star headshot vibes.
    Our co-founder Paul has been ahead of the trend for years!