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How Millet Seed Extract Can Help Grow Your Hair to New Lengths

April 6, 2021

3 Min read

When formulating the Prose Root Source™ hair supplements, our R&D team was not satisfied with the typical, commonly accepted ingredients that many products use to promote hair growth. They wanted to avoid causing any unwanted side effects while remaining innovative and creating a powerful product. That’s how they landed on millet seed extract, a potent ingredient that is safe, natural, and effective.

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What is millet seed extract and where does it come from?

Millet has been described as a “treasure plant” that was said to have grown abundantly in the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, however, its origins were birthered more than 4000 years ago in Asia. Millet is known for its adaptable nature, as it can flourish in dry areas with minimal water but can also grow in more temperate climates. It’s rich in nutrients and has been a diet staple across all continents for centuries. 

When formulating Root Source™ supplements, the Prose R&D team were mindful to select a gluten-free millet seed extract that is carefully cultivated in France in the Loire Valley near Chambord Castle. The rich and balanced ecosystem that this particular area sustains produces extremely high quality millet, which is key. Our millet seed extract is 100% natural and harvested through a process that is respectful of the environment.

How does millet seed extract benefit hair?

If hair shedding is a concern of yours, millet seed extract can help you out in that department. Unlike some other hair growth supplements that block DHT hormones, millet works differently. Ex-vivo tests have demonstrated that millet seed extract significantly improves cell growth in hair bulbs by 140% while also increasing collagen thickness in the hair follicle. All that to mean millet may promote hair growth while simultaneously keeping existing hair healthy and well-rooted to the scalp. This last benefit has been confirmed in a double blind, randomized, and placebo controlled clinical study where 91 percent of women with excessive hair shedding noticed a significant decrease in hair loss after three months of daily millet extract intake*.

Millet also has the ability to give hair a major shine boost. This is thanks to the Omega-6 fats and Miliacin it contains. The latter is a unique molecule whose efficacy has been clinically proven to reduce hair shedding and stimulate the hair bulb.

What other notable ingredients are in Root Source™ supplements?

We paired millet seed extract with wheat oil and coriander oil, both also sourced in France, to create our breakthrough proprietary blend: PureCatalyst™. Our gluten-free wheat oil is rich in phytoceramides that aid in restoring skin’s natural barrier and is made up of polar lipids that may encapsulate miliacin and help improve its bioavailability. So basically, the wheat oil is able to move throughout the body more easily and pass through the intestine, bloodstream, and eventually make its way to the scalp. Speaking of the scalp, coriander oil is an oil rich in Omega-12 fats that helps to soothe scalp sensitivity, especially for those experiencing an itchy scalp*. 

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