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Post-Halloween Hair Care

October 26, 2018

4 Min read

Once all the Halloween fun is over, it’s time to get your hair back to its healthy pre-costume state. If you got well into character, then this most likely means you also went through a temporary yet drastic hair transformation. Between glitter, teasing, and temporary hair paint and dyes, it’s safe to say your hair is in need of a little extra TLC. Keep on reading to discover the best ways to cleanse and detangle your strands post Halloween, as well as tips on how to cleanse hard-to-remove buildup all while minimizing damage.

How to remove hair glitter

De-glittering your scalp and strands may seem almost impossible to do. It’s true that removing glitter from your scalp may not happen all in one wash, or sometimes even two, you can still gently remove most. It’s important not to try and pull the glitter out with your fingers as you may accidentally pull strands out from the root.

In order to gently remove glitter from your strands and scalp without stripping your hair of its natural oils by pulling or rubbing too hard, start by applying warm water to your hair from root to ends. Once your hair is wet, apply a leave-in pre-shampoo mask that will moisturize your hair while softening the glitter, therefore allowing it to easily slide off once you are ready to cleanse. Once you’ve shampooed, finish with your favorite conditioner and a hair oil to hydrate and leave your hair looking smooth and shiny. Finally, let your hair air dry.

Pro Tip: Once your hair is fully dry, blow dry your hair with a hair dryer on the coolest temperature and blow through your scalp and ends to remove any leftover specks of glitter.

How to remove color hairspray

Color hairspray is a great way to achieve fun and vibrant colors instantly without the permanent damage or commitment. When the time comes to remove the color, it’s important to wash it out gently in order to avoid building up that can strip your strands, or leave streaks in your hair.

To remove color hairspray start by applying a pre-shampoo hair mask to soften the product. Powdery products, such as hairspray, temporary color, and dry shampoo, can leave buildup. Using warm water and a sulfate-free cleansing shampoo will help rinse away residue, but won’t strip your hair of any essential nutrients and natural oils to help retain maximum hydration. To ensure all of the product rinses off, you may want to shampoo twice from root to ends. Once your hair is completely cleansed, apply a hydrating conditioner that will restore nutrients and moisture to strands.

Pro Tip: While washing your hair make sure you are not rubbing strands between palms. Instead, try combing through or massaging in the product with your fingertips in order to prevent breakage of the cuticle. Also good to keep in mind, temporary dye and sprays can stain clothing and towels, so it’s best to dry with a dark-colored towel or one on which you wouldn’t mind having a stain or two.

How to detangle teased hair

Deteasing backcombed or tangled hair can seem like a daunting task. The best and most efficient way to detangle is to do it while your hair is damp rather than wet. To dampen your hair spray a leave-in conditioner on dry hair, then begin detangling your knots with a cushion brush or wide-tooth comb starting at the tips of your hair and working your way up to the roots.This will allow you to detangle smaller sections of hair at a time, which minimizes breakage. You may also want to hold on to each section of hair while you untangle to avoid tugging at your scalp.

Pro Tip: If you have thick locks, spitting your hair into sections and using a comb to de-tease section by section is a great way to quickly detangle your locks.

Pro Tip: Make your own DIY leave-in conditioner with your favorite conditioner. In an empty spray bottle add one part conditioner to two parts of water, shake to combine, then spray directly to locks to soften and hydrate.

Post Halloween hair TLC

After cleansing and detangling, strands may still be lacking the shine, nutrients, hydration, and smoothness you had before Halloween. Upping your hair care routine is the perfect way to bring your hair back to life. Apply a pre-shampoo mask just to ends and tie hair back into a bun for a hydrating treatment while you’re at work, the gym, or simply relaxing.

Switching over to sulfate-free products could revive strands. Sulfate-free products cleanse your hair just as well as products with sulfates but won’t strip strands of the natural oils which keep strands hydrated.

Finally, applying products with ingredients meant just for you, your hair, and your lifestyle ensures that your strands are getting the right nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

If your locks are feeling that post-Halloween dullness, take our consultation to find out which ingredients and nutrients your hair currently needs in order to meet your hair goals.


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