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Why No One Knows Your Hair Better Than a Professional Hairstylist

August 17, 2018

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There’s a reason we put so much trust into the hands of our stylists. They not only understand our hair type and texture, they also know exactly what it needs — and also what it doesn’t. Their years of in-chair experience plus cosmetology school education gives them a broader understanding of the needs, concerns and goals we may have with our particular hair. From the ideal haircut to the right hair color shade, when it comes to our hair, it’s usually best to leave it to a pro.


Most clients have a tough time answering whether their hair is fine, normal or coarse, but your stylist will know after one touch. This is thanks to the number of people that pass through their chair. They see hair in the context of a much larger spectrum whereas we may think of our hair in comparison to that of our family or friends. Why is it important to know this? Our hair type can determine the level of heat it can tolerate, how long it will take to color, and even what type of tools to use for the cut. For example, someone with very curly texture and fine strands may not realize that using the highest setting on their dryer to straighten their hair is actually causing more damage than for someone who has straight but coarse hair.


A haircut should be customized to each individual, depending on face shape, hair type and even lifestyle. When you bring in images of the cut you want, a trick a stylist might use to see if it’s really for you is to have you put your thumb over the face. Did you fall in love with the hair or with the overall look including makeup and styling? Talk to your stylist about what you actually like about the inspiration photo: is it the bangs? Angles? Color? This will allow her to give you the version of the cut that complements you. Once she’s determined the style, she’ll know which technique is best. The tools used for a cut determine more than you think. Which is why, just like a chef has multiple knives, a stylist has multiple cutting tools. Depending on your hair type and texture, some tools could disrupt the cuticle and leave your hair damaged.


Have you ever brought in a color inspiration photo to a hair appointment only to have our stylist convince us otherwise. Your stylist typically won’t shoot down an idea completely. Instead, she’ll give you the version that’s complementary to your texture and skin tone. She’ll also explain what it will take to get to that color as it might not always be what you think. Going from one end of the color spectrum to another is an investment in time — to keep the integrity of the hair — and also budget, as our stylist’s time and knowledge is worth every penny.

Whether it’s helping you to determine the right cut or using their knowledge in color theory to give you the perfect balayage shade, you can trust your stylist to know what she’s doing.


Now that you’ve trusted your stylist with your cut and color, take our consultation here to learn more about the ingredients you need in your hair care to keep it at its healthiest.



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