Make Haircare one Less Thing to Stress About with Prose

The beauty of personalized haircare is that it’s custom tailored to your needs, eliminating any guesswork on your end when choosing products. This in turn eliminates any stress you may have revolving around haircare and whether or not yours will work. It’s a harmonious cycle. Hear directly from our Prose community why they love their custom routines.

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    Sofia’s new lengths


    Okay, I’ve never been so in love with the quality and length of my hair! ? I used @prose who customized hair products just for me and based on my needs! I’m OBSESSED

    Gabby’s quick curls


    Only the curl cream! ✨ I love simple wash days! @prose wash day. My new scent….Prelude! It’s a light rose! I love it for fall! ? Kept my style simple. Scrunched in curl cream and blasted with no diffuser! Follow @bigcurls_gabby for more Prose products and tips! Discounts in my bio weekly! ❤️

    Ashley’s big move

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    I’ve noticed a huge change in my hair since moving from WA to PA. No matter how much I cut off it’s still feels dry and unhealthy – I also feel like I’ve been shedding more and I don’t love that.

    SOOOO I’ve decided to checkout a custom hair care regimen by @prose (not an ad – just my personal story)

    I looked into a handful of custom hair options before choosing Prose – what it came down to for me was the in-depth questionnaire – they take EVERYTHING into account…lifestyle, climate, diet, problem areas, what you want to achieve and more.

    My personalized routine includes:
    Scalp mask (2x weekly)
    Hair mask (every other week)
    2 daily supplements for scalp renew and hair growth

    I’ll work to keep ya posted on how it goes! DM with any questions or your @prose experience ?

    Murphy’s perfect routine


    I’m loving my custom hair care routine with @prose ??‍♀️ Prose is a completely customizable hair line that provides the perfect products for your needs. I chose a completely natural/vegan routine that focuses on growth and scalp wellness.

    Shaina’s love at first use

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    Guess who got her hands on @prose products. I think it is refreshing to know I have a system that works specifically for my hair needs and wants . It’s only been one try and I actually like it! I will show you guys more in my stories . Xo

    Yoshie’s shine boost


    I was having a good hair day so of course I had to take photos?


    I was born with this natural perm, but it also came with a lot of frizz and a mind of its own. On top of that, I don’t like to style my hair before I leave (who has time for that?). I brush and that’s it.

    But recently my hair has seen less frizz and more shine✨ The customized shampoo and conditioner (I use @prose ) and coconut oil has been a game changer, as well as getting a goooood scalp care and massage (it was heavenly?). The moral of the story? Take care of yourself because you’ll love the result?



    Millena’s new favorites


    Thanks @prose for these amazing hair products. ? @prose makes hair products designed to meet your hair needs. 100% custom made, each formula is personal to support your hair care and goals! ✨

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