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#AskThePros: How Review & Refine™ Will Instantly Give You Your Best Formulas Yet

June 11, 2020

3 Min read

For this month’s #AskThePros, we’re diving into Review & Refine™️: our trademarked feature that allows you to give direct input on your formulas and in turn makes any necessary tweaks, giving you your best Prose yet.

It’s also the latest Prose product to undergo a lofty makeover; we’re capturing more precise feedback and making even smarter formula adjustments that meet your every need. Consider us extra excited about this revamp—after all, Prose is on a mission to provide products that evolve with you, and Review & Refine™️ is one of the key tools that makes this magic happen.

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First things first: how does it work?

Review & Refine™️ asks a series of questions about how your formulas are performing. From their impact on your scalp sensitivity and oiliness to your hair’s volume and frizz, we want to know it all. You’ll also be asked to rate your individual products on a scale of 1-5; a 5 indicates that the product was a perfect fit, so if it needs any fine-tuning at all, be sure to rate it accordingly.

Your answers will give us a full picture of what worked (yay), and what could use some tweaks (don’t worry, we’ll get there together). You’ll even get the chance to provide feedback on your fragrance and switch up your selection. We’ll then run an algorithm that processes each piece of feedback, and voilà—your formulas have been uniquely tailored for all future refills.

Review & Refine™️ is open to every customer; after you’ve submitted an order and enjoyed a few wash days, you’ll find this feature in your account page. It’s currently available for our original lineup of Custom Shampoo, Conditioner, and our Pre-Shampoo Hair and Scalp Masks. Our other products aren’t part of Review & Refine™️ just yet, but you can always reach The Pros at for additional support.

What’s the difference between using Review & Refine™️ and updating my Prose consultation?

The consultation is the first step in your custom hair care journey; it asks for fundamental details about your hair and lifestyle to create your one-of-a-kind formulas. Think of Review & Refine™️ as the next step of hyper-personalization.

If you ever need to indicate a change in hair or lifestyle—perhaps you’ve treated yourself to a fresh cut and color, or you’ve switched to a vegan diet—you should update your consultation. This means we’ll go back to basics and generate a new formula set that reflects your most up-to-date info. For any formula fine-tuning, you can jump straight to Review & Refine™️.

What kind of formula changes can I expect?

On the simplest level, we may tweak the concentration of certain ingredients. We may also add or remove individual ingredients (or a set of ingredients, for a synergistic effect).

For example, maybe your usual shampoo isn’t cutting it if the summer humidity is wreaking havoc on your oil production. Just say the word, and we can bump up the level of our sebum-regulating complex. We may also swap certain heavy-duty moisturizers for lighter alternatives, giving you the perfect balance of cleansing and conditioning agents.

At the final step of Review & Refine™️, we’ll share an overview of the areas we’ve improved and where we’ll maintain progress. But if you’re ever curious to know exact details, just give The Pros a shout and we’ll provide a full rundown.


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