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It Takes an Artist to Sculpt a Prose Hair Brush

November 18, 2019

1 Min read

Have you ever wondered how hair brushes, specifically the high quality ones, are made? Well, for starters, it’s no quick process. Prose custom hair brushes go through a very technical ten steps that takes them from a raw piece of beechwood in France to a customized hair brush in your hands.

1. Beechwood Cutting

It all starts in France at a fifth-generation, award-winning manufacturer where planks of dry beechwood are cut into small, workable rectangles.

2. Beechwood Shaping

After over thirty mechanical and manual passes, the rectangles are then rough cut and carved into the shape of our round brush.

3. Handle Finishing

Then, the brush handles are sanded to smooth perfection before being lacquered, polished and glazed until they gleam.

4. Cushion Drilling

In order for bristles to be inserted, holes are drilled into the rubber cushions that house them.

5. Bristle Cutting

Depending on which brush is being made, natural or synthetic bristles are cut into the desired length.

6. Cushion Assembly

The bristles are then mechanically inserted into the pre-drilled rubber cushions. Afterwards, all cushions are manually inspected to make sure that the bristle tips are frayed to perfection.

Pro Tip: A high quality brush should feel worn in, even when new, so that it can properly grab onto hair and work its magic. Think of a great hair brush as a pair of perfectly broken in shoes.

7. Final Assembly

A thin layer of glue is applied onto the handles’ central section before cushions are inserted and set into place.

8. Final Touches

The brushes then undergo one last glazing to ensure that they are all uniform.

9. Prose Logo Stamping

Next, using an engraving and stamping machine, the Prose logo is printed onto the handles.

10. Customization & Packaging

Last comes the fun part when your brush is customized with your initials and packaged in its own special box, ready to be sent your way.



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