The Prose Community Shares Their Hair Stories

From caring for a bold new color to growing out freshly chopped curls, the Prose community has welcomed us into many parts of their unique hair stories. This year, we want to celebrate those stories and how far everyone has come in the journey to embracing all that makes their hair beautiful. 

In late January, we asked our community to share their Prose hair stories on Instagram for our #MyProseHairStory campaign. As part of the campaign, we hosted a giveaway where community members had the opportunity to win more of the Prose that helped them along the way on their journeys. We received some amazing responses and are inspired by everyone who participated. Join us as we spotlight just a few of those tales and the community members behind them. 

(Some stories have been shortened for length. All original posts are linked)

Table of Contents

    Lizzie’s natural beauty 

    My hair started becoming curly when I was 11. At the time I didn’t know how to take care of it, so I wore it in ponytails every day until I learned about straighteners.

    After 10 years of straightening my hair, I decided to start embracing my natural hair, frizz and all! But it wasn’t until @prose that I actually started loving my hair. Even with taking care of it, my hair was so dry and strawlike. But, I started using @prose curl cream, conditioner and hair mask. Soon after I bought the shampoo, shine hair oil, leave in conditioner and the scalp mask. Since then my hair has been so soft, manageable and beautiful where I even felt confident wearing it natural for my engagement photos.

    Using Prose has allowed me to love my hair naturally without fighting my curls!

    —Lizzie (byebyefrizzielizzie)

    Precious’s perfect products

    I’m absolutely in love with my prose hair products. Back in September I was tired of my hair not feeling it’s best; dry scalp, not retaining moisture throughout the day & looking dull. I was super annoyed because I never did anything different I used my coconut & Argan oil, leave in conditioner and etc and nothing was working. That was until I tried @prose I quickly realized the problem was that I wasn’t using the right products FOR MY HAIR. Which is completely different from my mom, sister and aunt. I love #prose because they curated a hair formula that was designed for me and considered my hair texture, environmental factors, age and lifestyle. This is me 6 months (will be officially 6 months in Feb) with Prose and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s to stronger + healthy hair ?

    —Precious (GangstaPresh)

    Jen’s act of self care

    Self-care has been a challenge these past months. I decided to give it a try. I’m 50 so I noticed I’d been losing a bit more hair and it had a dryer look to it lately. Now I’m losing less and the sheen is back. Even people who had no idea about my hair care started commenting on how good my hair looks. Prose smells great, and I admit my inner child loves that the shampoo has my name on it like ~something special made just for me. It actually is made just for me! Beyond the physical, when my hair feels good my spirits are lifted and my energy is happy. So thanks!!!

    —Jen (seaandstonewellness)

    Ashleigh’s next level strands

    I have been in quarantine for nearly a year, straight up, but that’s a story for another time. I started using prose last November and it was one of the best things to come out of 2020.

    I’ve always thought I took care of my hair. I take supplements (sometimes), I brush it (sometimes), I keep up a good diet (maybe), and I buy all the fancy & expensive products I can find to help it thrive. I thought I had great hair, but I didn’t know how great my hair could be, until I got Prose.

    Since Prose, my hair is softer, fuller, & smoother. It is quite literally the only product I have invested in that delivers the results it promises. My hair responds better to styling, I can go longer without washing it & let’s be honest, it looks DAMN good. You wouldn’t guess I haven’t seen the inside of a salon in over a year. (Nor that I have taken it upon myself to trim my split ends, lol)

    I look forward to the days I wash my hair. It’s no longer maintenance to me. It’s self care. It’s preservation. Its an investment. It’s like a ritual offering to the goddesses of great hair & a dance of devotion to myself, because I know, with Prose, my hair is not only going to look it’s best, but it will BE it’s best.

    With everything going on in the world. That last thing you should have to worry about is your hair. I placed mine into the care of @prose and I haven’t looked back.

    —Ashleigh (ashlorraine__)

    Amy’s frizz fighter

    I have a ton of thick, platinuming, temperamentally wavy (meaning…does what it wants and not consistently) hair that tends toward frizz. I’ve been using Prose for 3 months now, and it’s virtually frizz-free, the waves are behaving, the shine is amazing…and I can’t remember the last time I straightened it. I hardly EVER used to leave it wavy. Personalized, effective, and made in Brooklyn, NY…Prose helped me love my hair and appreciate its uniqueness.

    —Amy (Amyrjonespayton)

    Gabby’s healthy scalp secret 

    A year ago I was having really bad flaking and scalp issues. My hair was thinning due to my endometriosis and I needed help. I had been eating clean and my lifestyle had changed to improve my health. I had seen amazing results! It was time to do the same with my curls! I wanted to know what was in my hair products and why. That’s a much harder task than it seems! Researching brands to find a system that would be simplified but quality. A company that would guide my journey.

    I happen to fall upon Prose. A customizable hair company with a subscription service. Bottled in New York City but formulated in Paris! I was so excited!! ??

    I immediately loved how they catered to my curls needs and paired it with quality customer service. Breaking down the ingredients for me with each order! They even introduced me to the LOC method early into my natural journey. That changed everything for me! My results were soft, defined, and virtually frizz free!

    My relationship with my curls is complicated. The Prose team is like the counselor to that relationship! Thank you so much! My curls are so much happier now and so am I! ??

    —Gabby (BigCurls_Gabby)

    Megan’s scalp savior

    I started using Prose about 2 years ago when the stress from my job was so bad I had flakes for the first time in my life and an unbearably itchy scalp. I tried store shampoos but nothing worked until I splurged and tried out Prose. Still extremely happy with how my scalp feels, with a huge bonus of making my curls look great and less frizzy too!

    –Megan (Stanleyfan777)

    Crissy’s holy grail haircare

    After several weeks of seeing ads for @prose last summer, I finally decided to give their custom hair care products a try and, wow, I’m so glad I did! ? I’ve been using Prose for more than 5 months now (vegan from the start, silicone-free since November/December) and I don’t plan to ever switch. My hair is healthy and manageable…and my soft curls/locks are thriving like never before.

    After my Prose products arrived, the difference was immediate. Their curl cream is hands down the best curl cream I’ve ever used! ?? I’ve also tried three of their floral fragrances so far and loved them all; they’re soft and beautiful. I haven’t let my hair grow this long in years. I’d always get annoyed with its look and feel or desperate for something new so I’d chop it off. Not anymore! I don’t plan on cutting it anytime soon. If you’ve been seeing ads and are curious to give them a try, DO IT. I’m glad I did.

    —Crissy (Lacrisita12)

    Courtney’s tale of success 

    Hi! My name is Courtney and I’m an artist. I want to tell you a HAIR story. If you see this drawing, you can see how I’ve felt about my hair my whole life. It’s a HAUT mess! Staticky, flat, heavy, FRIZZY, unmanageable and just sad. If you flip to slide 2 you can see what I usually did to clip it out of my face. Now stay here just a second longer. At this point in my hair journey, I had tried everything and none of the “curly girl” products worked for me. (2 years of research folks!) They just aren’t meant for my fine, 2B/2C/3A bright golden blonde hair. Ready for a miracle? I wasn’t. In fact, I didn’t expect much when I ordered #prose . But….(ok now slide 3!) just look at this HAIR! Over a couple of weeks the static, frizz, flop and weight that had been killing my curls was gone! ? I have learned so much about my hair from #prose and what it needs to look it’s best. Going curly is hard and if you have the weird variety of in-between hair that I do, the process can seem impossible. But don’t give up! @prose has my back (and my hair) and we’re going to continue on this curly adventure together. ❤️ (Slide 4, THE END)

    —Courtney (Cj_Cullen_Studio)

    What’s your Prose Hair story? Comment below or join us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use the hashtag #ProseHair to share today.

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