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Get to Know the Twins From Our TV Commercial

November 12, 2020

1 Min read

Twins Joyce and Jessica may look identical, but their hair care is not. Despite their matching DNA and even hairstyles, what goes into their Prose formulas vary due to slight nuances in their routines. Get to know the twins from our latest commercial and see if you can spot the differences.


Did your parents pull the twin card and have you both wear your hair in the same style?

Joyce: Yep, our mom actually had the first Black beauty school in Naples, FL, so she knew exactly how to style our hair. She’d play around with styles and has a ton of pictures of us together with the same hairstyle. Our aunt also used to braid our hair and put beads in. 

Jessica: Yeah, she would put it in these tiny braids, that was part of our routine growing up. We would go to our aunt’s house on Saturdays and she’d braid and bead our hair. Then in middle school we transitioned to perms. Our hair was straight at that time for the most part. We still kept our styles the same, but Joyce would have a middle part and I had a side part.

Did you ever rebel and wear your hair differently at some point?

Joyce: No, not really.

Jessica: To this day we still wear it the same.

In our commercial you two are rocking some major curls, have you both always embraced your curls?

Joyce: Well, we accidentally went natural in high school.

Jessica: We were swimming and running track at the time, so we wore a lot of braids and other protective styles so that we didn’t have to worry about our hair. 

Joyce: Then one day we took our hair out and it was all natural and we were like oh my gosh! 

Jessica: Yeah, our perms were long gone. So, we clipped the very ends of our hair and decided to just rock it. Ever since then we’ve been natural.

Nice! How would each of you describe your hair?

Jessica: I would say versatile because we can both do so many different things with it. 

Joyce: I would describe it as a true Aquarius would—always going with the wind.

Is there a big difference between both your hair that immediately comes to mind?

Joyce: Mine is actually thinner than Jessica’s.

Jessica: Yeah, mine is actually a lot thicker than hers. She has a smaller head too, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it haha. 

Joyce: Yeah, I do have a peanut head haha.

twin women with brown, curly hair embrace each other

Do you two have different workout routines? 

Jessica: Well, I’ll just do a mile run while Joyce will run two. 

Joyce: Yeah, I’ll do two or three. 

Jessica: Her endurance is a lot better than mine.

Do you two live in the same city or area?

Joyce: Yeah! We’re actually graduate students at Howard University. So we’re here in Washington, D.C. 

Jessica: We even live in a studio apt so our rooms are right next to each other.

Pre-COVID, can you describe a typical day in each of your lives?

Joyce: So, when I wake up in the morning, I take an aloe shot, ginger shot, black seed shot, oregano, and a few vitamins. 

Jessica: All that at once?!

Joyce: Yeah, I’ll do all that, sip some water and then I’ll go on a run outside and come back and have a berry smoothie and Kombucha. 

Jessica: Ok so when I wake up I’ll have a glass of water, then I take black seed drops, feed our dog, take her on a walk. After her walk I’ll go on an indoor run in the gym here for about a mile.

Since you’re both graduate students, what are you studying?

Joyce: We’re studying Fashion Design while minoring in Interior Design. 

Jessica: Yep, we both want to be able to curate our own fashion shows.



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