Get to Know Root Source™ Hair Supplements from the Inside Out

We all want to know what’s inside our supplements. But did you know it’s just as important to understand the ingredients that hold it all together? Here, we break down the elements that make up the capsules and soft gels in Prose Root Source™.

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    When Prose set out to create a game-changing supplement that can help accelerate hair growth, boost shine, and improve hair health from scalp to strands, we knew we had to incorporate scientifically backed ingredients like Vitamin B, acerola, and phytoceramides and curate customized formulas that could address unique needs. But the recipe for the water-soluble capsules and soft gels themselves was just as important.

    Manufactured in the U.S. following all the quality control standards outlined by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) system, our capsules and soft gels are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and made without any synthetic fillers, additives, artificial flavors, or colors.

    We created Root Source™ to be incorporated into an easy, everyday routine. That’s why we chose capsules and soft gels as the “container” for our customized formulas. The two work synergistically—the powdered ingredients are contained in a capsule, while pure, oil-based ingredients go into the soft gels (tablets, on the other hand, sometimes require several additives, which didn’t align with our less-is-more mantra). Splitting the supplement this way lets us harness the power of the most concentrated ingredients in the optimal “container” and cut down on the number of pills you take per day.

    And since Root Source™ supplements are water-soluble, they’re made to be easily absorbed and metabolized in your body. In a nutshell, they get to work quickly.

    What’s in Prose Root Source™ capsules?

    Prose Root Source™ capsules are made of vegan hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). As our research and development team explains, HPMC is a water-soluble, gluten-free, plant-derived ingredient that’s safe for consumption and is used because of its all-star properties—think cohesion, thickening, and water retention. Essentially it holds the supplement ingredients together so it doesn’t fall apart before you pop one in. It has similar characteristics to gelatin but in a vegan-friendly form.

    What’s in Prose Root Source™ soft gels?

    Along with starch, Prose Root Source™ soft gels consist of a mix of sorbitol, carrageenan, glycerin, and purified water. Let’s break down each element:

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