Prose Haircare Launches in Canada: The Social and Environmental Impact

It’s been a long time coming, but Prose is now available in Canada. We’re so excited that our friends up North can now purchase Prose and experience the numerous benefits custom haircare can bring. Canada going custom with Prose haircare and styling products means that any dry, flat, or lackluster strands that are a result of Canada’s harsh weather can be revived and repaired thanks to a customized routine.

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    As we enter Canada, we do so mindfully, with respect and support for the Indigenous groups, specifically the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples, who reside there. Read on to explore the different ways in which Prose is stepping into Canada with purpose.

    Prose’s social impact in Canada

    Prose has taken our entrance into Canada as an opportunity to begin conversations and forge new partnerships with Indigenous organizations. Our partnerships with RAVEN Trust and Coastal First Nations support projects that speak to long-standing pillars of our brand’s DNA. Those pillars include sharing our platform to amplify marginalized voices and creating a positive environmental impact. Through our partnership with RAVEN Trust, we will be taking active steps to support Indigenous legal defense across Canada and promote Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination and sovereignty. Specifically, Prose will be donating $10,000 to RAVEN Trust.

    Prose’s environmental impact in Canada

    The Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative is an alliance of nine First Nations within British Columbia, dedicated to providing in-situ jobs to Indigenous peoples and protecting the historic biodiversity of the Great Bear Rainforest. As the first carbon neutral, customized beauty company, we take the environmental mandates and net-zero goals made at the Paris Agreement and at COP26 seriously. In turn, Prose has been making strategic investments in carbon offsets since 2020 including purchasing $10,000 in offsets from Coastal First Nations. Prose’s support through carbon offset revenue also enables Indigenous peoples of the Coastal First Nations alliance to apply for matching funding from philanthropists and government agencies, creating a path to economic security for the long-term protection of these forests.

    Prose acknowledges our journey has only just begun and working towards decolonization and Indigenous allyship is an ongoing process. We will continue to educate ourselves, raise awareness, and work to become arbiters of reconciliation and change through taking action, speaking out on Indigenous issues and amplifying Indigenous voices.

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