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Class is in Session: Prose Products as High School Superlatives

January 17, 2020

1 Min read

Ever thought about what classic high school superlative matches up with each Prose product? No? Well, I have and here are my thoughts.

Cutest Couple: Shampoo and Conditioner


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More praise for @prose ?? ever since I cut my hair short conditioner hair become a dire necessity, and I’m loving this one ?

A post shared by Emi (@emis_skin) on

These two are inseparable. Every picture taken of them is together because they insist on sharing the same shelf. But, you’re not mad because they look so cute together. Shampoo and conditioner are a match made in heaven.

Most Unique: Pre-Shampoo Mask


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Masking it up this weekend with my @prose ?

A post shared by Lorelei Orfeo (@loreleio) on

You’ve never met anyone quite like her before. But, once you get to know her you realize what a
big impact she makes and can’t imagine life without her. Pre-shampoo mask is the friend you never knew you needed.

Teacher’s Pet: Leave-In Conditioner


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A post shared by Andrea Jarrett (@acjarrett) on

The one who sticks around even after class (aka your shower) is dismissed. Extra credit is a way of life and there’s no such thing as too clingy. Leave-in conditioner gets an A+ from us.

Biggest Flirt: Custom Hair Oil


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♡ 😉

A post shared by brooklynn gallagher (@brooklynngallagher) on

She’s slick, sleek and everyone wants her, but, you see right through her (hello glass packaging). She turns on the charm for everyone and knows just the right thing to say (and the right combination of oils to set you up with). You can’t help but love custom hair oil.

Most Athletic: Dry Shampoo

Her work ethic is out of control. She gives you body, lift and gets you out of any sticky scalp situations you may encounter. Dry shampoo is always first on the podium.

Most Spirited: Curl Cream


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A post shared by Sapphira (@sapphiraa) on

She’s always got a spring in her step and is ready to ready to ride every twist and turn and with a smile on her face. Her energy is infectious and she lives to hype you up. Curl cream is will always be there to cheer you on.

Most Artistic: Custom Hair Brush


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Fourth and favorite project with the @prose fam this year featuring dream team @nachoalegre @gracehartnett__

A post shared by Casey Zhang (@caseyzhang) on

She’s handcrafted, honey. And made in France, so you know she’s the real deal. Every bristle is set to perfection and no detail is overlooked. Prose’s custom hair brush makes your old, plastic one look like a full-on Monet.


Get the entire high school set, from Claire Standish to John Bender, by taking your Prose consultation here.