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10 Thoughts I Had When Unboxing My Prose

December 8, 2020

3 Min read

Prose reviews often mention the unboxing experience—and for good reason. It’s almost as experiential as the products. Let writer Or Gotham give you a peek into his thoughts when he first tore into that industrial, brown packaging. 

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1. Details, details, details

The first thing that greets you upon opening is a notecard, tucked away in a heavyweight cardstock sleeve. One of my favorite things is seeing my name, printed. This probably stems from having an unconventional name and never finding it on souvenir keychains at amusement parks. My name appears nine times within the Prose packaging experience. Daddy likey.

2. Can I drink that?

Within the sleeve are several sheets detailing my products’ ingredients. My eye went straight to “fermented rice water”. I love everything about the way that sounds. My urge to drink fermented rice water? Robust. My urge to bathe in it? Intoxicating.

3. What lovely colors

I’d describe the labels as lilac, tahini, and butternut squash. I get distracted for half an hour trying to find washi tape in these colors.